LIVROS EM PDF:Obras escogidas De Moto Pela América do Sul Diario del Che en Bolivia Guerra contra el Burocratismo La Guerra de Guerrillas Notas Inéditas . The Life and Death of Che Guevara Jorge G. Castañeda Ernesto Che Guevara , “Contra el burocratismo,” in Guevara, Obra revolucionaria, p. Emesto.

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Every available testimony and account suggests that deliberately and unanimously, the Bolivian authorities decided that Che Guevara should be put to death as soon as possible.

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I ask whether that attitude is or is not at odds with the spirit of this meeting in favor of abandoning all forms of discrimination and removing the barriers between countries with different social systems and at different stages of development. This aspect — one of the more obvious ones, which the capitalist propaganda machinery has been unable to conceal — is another of the factors that have led to the convening of this conference.

Later, these acts took the form of measures aimed at paralyzing the Cuban economy; about the middle of an attempt was made to deprive Cuba of the fuel needed to operate her industries, transport, and power stations. El burocratismo, evidentemente, no nace con la sociedad socialista ni es un componente obligado de ella. We have taken several representative countries as producers of the raw materials or primary commodities mentioned.

To be logical, when we address requests to the developed socialist countries, we should also specify what we are going to do to end discrimination and at least specify the most obvious and dangerous forms of imperialist penetration.

Cuba Socialista, February The failure of this policy is by now only too obvious. Of these three propositions the first two contradict the defeatist attitude of revolutionaries or pseudo-revolutionaries who remain inactive and take refuge in the pretext that against a professional army nothing can be burocratisom, who sit down to wait until in some mechanical way all necessary objective and subjective conditions are given without working to accelerate them.

Sometimes this inflow takes very subtle forms, burrocratismo as the use of international financial credit and other types of organizations. Contar all relevant points, exact time-limits must be laid down for the completion of the measures decided upon.

In some cases this means negotiation between underdeveloped and developed country; almost always, however, it means negotiation between one country subject to discrimination and another in the same situation. For the International Monetary Fund to attack bilateral payments agreements with socialist countries and impose on its weaker members a policy of opposition to this type of relations between peoples has been a common practice in recent years. On one side we have a group composed of the oppressor and his agents, the professional army, well armed and disciplined, in many cases receiving foreign help as well as the help of the bureaucracy in the employ of the oppressor.


Crezcan como buenos revolucionarios. Burocratixmo will not accept a new international trade organization; they will threaten to boycott it, and will probably do so.

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Will they sit with their arms crossed? This is an indispensable condition. When we analyze more fully the tactic of guerrilla warfare, we will see that the guerrilla fighter needs to have a good knowledge of the surrounding countryside, the paths of entry and escape, the possibilities of speedy maneuver, good hiding places; naturally, also, he must count on the support of the people.

Reprinted by permission of Alfred A. They have all the characteristics of a guerrilla army: We have come here fully aware that what is involved is a discussion between the representatives of countries which have put an end to the exploitation of man by man, of countries which maintain such exploitation as their working philosophy, and of the majority group of the exploited countries.

The situation in the open country is not so difficult. Firstly, on January 24,the United States Treasury Department announced a ban on the importation into the United States of any article made wholly or partly from products of Cuban origin, even if it was manufactured in another country.

Κατηγορία: Ernesto Che Guevara

They must function secretly without arms. This is the inexorable law of the philosophy of plunder, which must cease to be the rule in relations between peoples. The nationalist tradition of the military would not allow it; moreover, the government would thereby confirm everything the Cubans and others had been claiming: This does not mean, however, that they are the only producers of the item or that they produce nothing else. The guerrilla band is not to be considered inferior to the army against which it fights simply because it is inferior in firepower.

Today it is recognized that merely to offset the loss caused by the deterioration in the terms of trade in the last year for which figures are available30 per cent a year more than the hypothetical amount promised will be required.

The only thing missing is support of the people; and, inevitably, these gangs are captured and exterminated by the public force.


Our task at the moment is to find the basic principles of this kind of fighting and the rules to be followed by peoples seeking liberation; to develop theory from facts; to generalize and give structure to our experience for the profit of others.

He gkevara the latter option and placed his men in a defensive perimeter, in case the troops did discover burocratismi. The conference will have to recommend specific methods of regulating the use of primary commodity surpluses so as to prevent their conversion into a form gurvara subsidy for the exports of developed countries to the detriment of the traditional exports of the underdeveloped countries, or their use as an instrument for the injection of foreign capital into an under-developed country.

These organizations make their way into domestic economic policy, foreign trade policy, and domestic and external financial relations of all kinds. This is the basis, the essence of guerrilla fighting.

This popular work should at first be aimed at securing secrecy; that is, each peasant, each member of the society in which action is taking place, will be asked not to mention what he sees and hears; later, help will be sought from inhabitants whose loyalty to the revolution offers greater guarantees; still later, use will be made of these persons in missions of contact, for transporting goods or arms, as guides in the zones familiar to them; still later, it is possible to arrive at organized mass action in the centers of work, of which the final result will be the general strike.

These means contemplate taking advantage of all the weak points of the enemy. The latest developments, which have made our country the target of imperialist wrath and the object of every conceivable kind of repression and violation of international law, from before the time of Playa Giron till now, are known to all.

It showed plainly the capacity of the people to free themselves by means of guerrilla warfare from a government that oppresses them. We can speak in full knowledge of this, for we ourselves have suffered the effects of preferential Cuban-United States agreements which shackled our trade and placed it at the disposal of the United States monopolies.