Mental Chemistry – Charles F Haanel In Mental Chemistry you will discover exactly how you and your thoughts and perceptions shape the world around you . MENTAL CHEMISTRY By Charles F. Haanel MENTAL CHEMISTRY Chemistry is the science which treats of the intra-atomic or the intra-molecular changes. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel – Here are the secrets to Mental Chemistry; in this book you will learn how to improve your life by removing some kinds of.

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Addition and subtraction are therefore spiritual transactions; reasoning is a spiritual process; ideas are spiritual conceptions; questions are spiritual searchlights and logic, argument and philosophy are parts of the spiritual machinery. Rita Gehman rated it it was amazing Jan 09, All manifestations are the result of thought— but the thinking is on different planes.

They dominate all the vital functions of man.

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Less than 10 per cent of our mental processes are conscious; the other 90 per cent are subconscious and unconscious, so that he who would depend upon his conscious thought alone for results is less than 10 per cent efficient. We have just begun to realize in a small degree what this newly discovered power may do for us. To xharles sure, to know the truth and to stand confidently on it, is a satisfaction beside which no other is comparable.

If such results have been secured by organizing these mental powerhouses in 50 years, mentsl may not be expected in another 50 years? These analyses can be carried through every avenue of life, but enough has been shown to indicate that life is largely chemical action, and that the mind is the chemical laboratory of thought, and that we are the chemists in the workshop of mental action where everything is prepared for our use, and where the product turned out will be in proportion to the material used; in other words, the nature of the thought we use determines the kind of conditions and experiences with which we meet; what we put into life we get out of life— no more, no less.


Our circumstances and environment are formed by our thoughts. Truth is the imperative condition of all well being. Those not familiar with this law can effect nothing; and so with the law governing in the Mental World; those who understand that Mind penetrates all mentzl, is Omnipresent and is yaanel to every demand, can make use of the law and can control conditions, circumstances and environment; the uninformed cannot use it because they do not know it. The two are inseparable; it is impossible to be conscious of a thing without thinking of carles.

The perspiration of men in various mental moods was analyzed, and the resultant salts experimented with. Events are significant only as they affect power; all things represent certain forms and degrees of power.

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Love of music, love of business, love of creation caused these people to concentrate, and the ways and means of materializing their ideals slowly but surely hanael. No man is ever created without the inherent power in himself to help himself The personality that mentla its own intellectual and moral power of conquest will assert itself It is this truth which an enfamined world craves today.

These tremendous changes, from hate to love, from fear to confidence, from material strife to mental control, have been wrought by the slow dawn of Understanding.

We attract the currents with which we are in harmony. All growth is an unfoldment from within. He recognized no ties binding them one to another or to himself Modem man is bom to comparative luxury. chalres

As it is not material it must be spiritual. It is not an objective faculty but a subjective process.

This will illustrate the attitude of mankind to the Universal Mind. Likewise, each co-ordinated group of federations; until the entire body has one central brain where the great co-ordination of all the “brains” takes place.

A developed moral consciousness modifies consideration of motives, and increases the force and continuity of action; consequently the well developed symmetrical character necessitates good physical, mental and moral health, and this combination creates initiative, power, resistless force, and necessarily success.

And yet he must answer also that the spirit is everything.


Mental Chemistry

Everything which exists is some manifestation of this one basic substance from which and by which all things have been created and are continually being recreated. It is just so with us, like the plant, we haansl first send out roots our roots are our thoughtsbefore we can evolve from our primitive or animal bulb-like state into the intellectual and conscious growing state.

We are touching a greater reality, for let us understand that reality lies in activity and not outside of it; to exist is to be alive to the action of the laws about us; the hidden urge in the plant is its reality, and not the outer form we see.

The possibility of asserting a slumbering intellectual courage that clearly discerns, and a moral courage that grandly undertakes in open to all. It is also in this way we are able to recall past experiences, to remember facts and figures, and so on.

They like to use the word Ether because Ether implies something which can be measured and so far as the materialistic school of scientists is concerned, anything which cannot be measured does not exist; but who can measure an electron? The thyroid gland is located at the frontal base of the neck, extending upward in a sort of semicircle on both sides, with the parathyroids near the tips. There is nothing strange or supernatural about this; it simply the Law of Being, the thoughts which take root in the mind will certainly produce fruit after their kind.

We can receive only what we give, and we may give only to those who can receive; and it remains with us to determine our rate of growth and the degree of harmony that we shall express. This power is inexhaustible, limitless, and they are therefore carried forward from victory to victory. They transform it and the fibres convey it. The adrenal glands are located just above the small uaanel the back.