Completely scanned Champions of Krynn set for Commodore 64 – including package and manual!. Champions of Krynn – the way to victory: (for more details on the history so far see the adventure journal). Welcome, Hero, to the world of Krynn! The War of the. CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN. \ DU ┬ĚH 10’\/ -\’Cl . The Adventurer’s Journal contains a variety of information tion from this manual or the Adventurer’s. Journal.

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Welcome, Hero, to the world of Krynn! The good forces have been victorious and you jouurnal your fellows wander the lands and arrive at a little outpost near the old city of Throtl, in a land that has before suffered the fist of Evil for a long time.

Settlers and Knights are just beginning to rebuild what has been destroyed or spoiled by the Goddess Takhisis and her minions. But Evil has not been destroyed. It has just been driven away into the shadows and is again planning and preparing the destruction of the noble Knighthood and the newfound order in the lands of Ansalon. Bad omens and forebodings can be seen, evil forces begin again to infest the anyway battered people and their homeland.

Champions of Krynn Adventurers Journal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The Knighthood is aware of this, but their powers are weak in this remote area. They need valiant men and women to fight the rise of Evil – YOU My party consisted of:.

Well, first if all: Without one the game can not be solved. Journwl my Knight I chose the order of the Sword. This grants him the ability to cast a few clerical spells at higher levels, at the cost of a slower advancement in levels. Mishakal clerics have the best bonus spells granted by their goddess and, most important, they get an extra bonus when casting healing spells.

Cuampions Cleric of Paladine did well, too. She was not that good at healing, but you need another cleric to have enough Hold Person spells ready and to wield the blunt magical weapons you find in the course of your adventures such as the mace of disruption, which is very dangerous for all undead. Hold Person is the most beautiful invention in the whole game. You can paralyze even the mightiest warriors not the higher Draconians, see later A Red Robe and a White Robe Mage should both be part of your group, because in Champions of Krynn the spells and scrolls are divided for the different alignments.

For example, a Red Mage can not read white scrolls. To have the maximum magical power, one of each order is essential. I combined my Red Mage with a Thief. This gave her the skill of backstabbing, at higher levels, a really powerful way of killing and better chances of lockpicking. One further important advantage is that you have a Mage who can wield a longsword and leather armour. These are brief descriptions of the adventures – for more details see the maps.

This section gives the story and the order in which the adventures have been done. We were wandering the lands of Eastern Ansalon and arrived in a small outpost near the now ruined city of Throtl. It was near this outpost when we were for the first time reminded that Evil was not dead, but sleeping and about to awake again. Journql came just in time to rescue some settlers from an ambush of monsters.

In the outpost itself we had to discover that even there the dark forces were at work. Shapeshifting Draconians had taken the role of the former Commander. Sir Karl, noble Knight, unveiled them and from that day took over the business of guiding the struggle against Evil.


Cham;ions knew at once that we could trust this man. He was indeed of highest spirit. Rumors spread that Throtl was bustling with monsters, and Caramon himself, one of the Heroes of the Lance, had gone there to examine the activities.

Champions of Krynn Adventurers Journal

It seemed that he was captured, and so Sir Karl sent us there to search for him. We krhnn unexperienced then, but what else could we do? Caramon in the hands of Hobgoblins?

The city was full of Hobgoblins and a few Draconians were there, too. We found evidence that the evil forces have begun trying to corrupt good dragon eggs once again to create new Draconians. We found Caramon, alive, but battered and chained, in the south central part of the city. He left at once to organize the defence against Darkness, and after a brief rest and training in the outpost we returned to Throtl to search the dungeons below for the good dragon eggs which, so we were told, were stored down there for foul purpose.

Deep in the dungeon we found them, but they were not unguarded. Two White Dragons attacked us, and we had quite a tough fight overthrowing them. But with the help of the true gods we won, and were able to save a lot of good dragon eggs from a horrible fate. The town of Jelek was our next destination.

Sir Karl wanted us to investigate strange tidings from there, so we set travelled there to look if everything is in order. We had to realize that the town was heavily guarded by soldiers and a certain Sir Lebaum was in charge. The strange thing was that no one seemed to know this man Our guide, a man named Skyla, who was assigned to us as a guide and guard, was a really foul guy.

He tried to lure us into ambushes several times, until a woman named Myrsella helped us find some friendly people, where we were able to rest and hide from the evil soldiers walking the streets of Jelek. A huge graveyard in the NW section of Jelek seemed to be the root of Evil.

We knew that Sir Lebaum had moved his office into one of the buildings on the cementary, so we took a look. It was full of undead creatures, and we found evidence that an army of undead was in preparation. We also learned that a creature named Myrtani, a Draconian, seemed to be the head of the new uprise of Darkness.

In the far NW corner of the graveyard was a building guarded by 3 Black Dragons! Another hard battle and they were finally defeated. After that Jelek was safer. One very important fact was that obviously a real Dragonlance was in the hands of Myrtani. This powerful weapon had to be recovered! After training we followed some clues to Gargath. Sir Karl knew that the castellan of Gargath Keep had secured the Dragonlance.

There, too, Evil had spread its wings and took over the town. Draconians had overrun the weak garrison at night and enslaved the people. To guard the Keep they had built a large wooden building complex in the north part of the city. We met a stranger when we entered Gargath who was familiar to Sir Karl.

He helped us and told us how to get into the wooden structure and how to enter Gargath Keep. This was hard, though. Large forces of experienced fighters, Mages and Clerics guarded the city and the interior of the wooden building.

We had to retrieve several times to the Inn for rest and healing before we were ready to storm the Keep the entrance is in the far NW corner of the city. A map of the Keep helped a great deal. We acquired it some time earlier in kfynn adventures. In the prison tract on the 2 nd floor we found the former castellan of Gargath Keep.


He told us where to look for the Dragonlance. The Draconians were obviously turning the Keep upside down in search for the Lance. We had to fight our way up to the sixth floor, but the treasure room where the Lance was kept was already looted.

We were minutes too late! Some good magical weapons were forgotten, though, so we could take them to increase our power. The cchampions room was also a place where we could rest. And this was important, because Myrtani and his minions were still in the Keep.

We chased after him higher into the tower, on the way chopping down many Draconian guards. At the top we engaged Myrtani himself, but he escaped, Dragonlance in hand, by delaying us – with the help of several Black Dragons. While we fought for our lives he took the Lance away to Sanction. Frustrated, but with much information, we returned to the outpost near Gargath. There, the commander told us about the tomb of Sir Dargaard, a revered Knight of old, where we might gain some mighty weapons and armour for the purpose of Good.

We travelled there and had to stand several tests only our Knight could pass most of them prepared by the spirits of Sir Dargaard and his brothers in arms, who were buried in this huge tomb see journxl for details. After we journla all of the tests we were allowed to enter the section where the Knights were buried.

I took them all and carried them all the way to the end of the adventure – only Knights can wear them – I dunno if they serve a purpose some other time in the game After obtaining the magical items we finally discovered what it was that had sneaked after us all the time in the tomb – Draconians!

Through the Draconian corpses we found we already knew that they had been trying to lay their claws on the treasure stored here, and now, after Sir Dargaard and his Knights found rest after all, they deemed us an easier target and attacked. But they underestimated our strength and we killed the foul breed in the name of this noble Knight who had just found peace.

When we arrived home at the outpost near Throtl, we met Maya, the beautiful and mysterious woman who we knew was often a target for gossip in the local taverns because of her relationship with Sir Karl. She anxiously told us that the outpost had been attacked and Sir Karl been taken prisoner.

It seemed that he was brought to ruined Neraka, once a center of service to the Dark Queen Takhisis.

Such a man would not fall into the hands of Evil if we could prevent it. So we set off and entered Neraka. The city was full of beasts and Draconians playing a pervert man-hunting game with their prisoners.

To our great surprise Maya revealed herself as a Silver Dragon! She fought with us side by side in her dragon form all the foul creatures that infested the place.