I already have an application in a cfgrid which I need to modify so that it maintains the selected row after doing an update. This requires a refresh to bring back. how to bind cfgrid to cfc in virtual directory. I can not find the answer to this. I’m trying to bind a grid to a cfc that is in a virtual directory. It is a windows server using. I also have noticed this odd behavior. I haven’t found a solution for the “html” format. The workaround i’ve used is the “flash” format. The one.

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For a full list of deprecated features, refer to Deprecated features. Puts a grid control a table of data in a ColdFusion form. Also, leading zeros are stripped from the suggestion list for autosuggest controls.

You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure. Specify the structure name in the attributeCollection attribute and use the tag’s attribute names as structure cfgrir. Background color of the control. For most formats, can be a hexa-decimal format or a named color. Allows selection of multiple rows.

Creating data grids with the cfgrid tag

This is particularly useful cfggid the cases where batch processing is required, for example, moving multiple records at a time. If yes, a check box appears as the first column of the grid, enabling selection of multiple records. Also, if the grid data is manipulated by the user, for example, using JavaScript, to move records when a button is clicked, set the method to POST.

This is required as a GET method imposes restrictions on the amount of data that can be sent. Most of the following paragraphs describe grid features that apply ccfgrid all, or at least two, grid formats.

An applet format grid requires the client to download a Java applet. Also, if the client does not tk an up-to-date Java plug-in installed, the system might also have to download an updated Java plug-in to display an applet format grid.

For this tag to work properly in either Flash or applet format, the browser must also be JavaScript-enabled. If you specify Flash format for this tag in an HTML format form, and you do not specify height and width attributes, Flash takes up more than the remaining visible area on dfgrid screen.

If any other output follows the grid, including any form controls, users must scroll to see it. Therefore, if you follow a Flash grid in an HTML form with additional output, specify height and cfgeid values. A default header for each column, created by replacing hyphen or underscore characters in the table column name with spaces.


Binding a cfgrid to a cfc throws js error when | Adobe Community

The first character, and any character after a space, are changed to uppercase; all other characters are lowercase. This tag requires an end tag. Clicking the submit button while editing a grid cell occasionally causes the cell changes to be lost.

To ensure that tl are submitted properly, Adobe recommends that after user updates data in a cell, they cfgrif another cell before submitting the form. Also, HTML format grids can dynamically get data by using a bind expression. In general, the data returned falls into one of these categories:. The grid returns a large amount of data, to inform the action page of inserts, updates, or deletes that the user made to the grid.

Each table row that contains an update, insert, or deletion has a parallel entry in each of these arrays. To view all the information for all the changes, you can traverse the arrays, as in this example. The following example creates a Flash form that displays a set of available courses from the CourseList table cfggrid the cfdocexamples cfgrjd.

ColdFusion 11 Update Added the attribute resetHead. Added ability to use the insert attribute in HTML grids. You can omit it. Widths are equal or the proportions are determined by the relative cfgridcolumn width attribute values. Horizontal scroll bars are not available. Cannot be used with the query attribute. Ignored if there is no bind attribute.

Specifying this attribute adds a title bar to the grid. Boolean value that specifies whether the control is enabled. A disabled control appears in light gray.

Each group is collapsible and has a header with the column name, group field value, and number of entries in the group. If you set this option, the column pull-down menu shows two grouping options: The show in Groups option turns column grouping on and off. The Group By This Field option sets the grouping to use the selected column.

Users display the pull-down menu by moving the mouse over a column head and clicking the down arrow that appears You can use this attribute with static grids only, do not use it with dynamic grids that get their data using bind expressions.

If you omit the attribute in Flash format, the grid sizes automatically. If you use cfgridcolumn cfgrir, the column must be specified in one of these cfgridd. ActionScript to run when the control changes due to user action in the control. The form object, input object, yo input object value are passed to the function, which must return true if validation succeeds; false otherwise. If the number of available rows exceeds the page size, the grid displays only the specified number of entries on a single page, and the user navigates between pages to show all data.


The grid retrieves data for each page only when it is required for display. This attribute is ignored if you specify a query attribute. If this attribute is yes, selections are preserved when the grid sorts. Cannot be used with the bind attribute. Row Selection mode for items in the control.

Selecting a cell lets the user edit the cell. The bgColor setting determines the other color. Can be a hexadecimal value or a named color.

Boolean value that vfgrid whether to show the control.

Space that would be occupied by an invisible control is blank. In Flash and applet format, must be a number of pixels. Usage Most of the following paragraphs describe grid features that apply to all, or at least two, grid formats. A column for each column in the query. In general, the data returned falls into one of these categories: Action Each table row that contains an update, insert, or deletion has a parallel entry in each of these arrays.

Otherwise, it is one of the following: Enhancements made in ColdFusion 9. Alignment of the grid cell contents: A bind expression used to fill the contents of the grid. A Boolean value specifying whether the user can collapse the entire grid by clicking an arrow on the title bar. Puts the grid rows into groups, organized by the column specified in this attribute. Height of the control, in pixels. Text to display if the browser does not support Java or has Java support disabled.

ColdFusion Help | Creating data grids with the cfgrid tag

In applet format grids, name of a JavaScript function to execute if validation fails. A JavaScript function to validate user cffgrid. The number of rows to display per page for a dynamic grid. Specifies whether to display the page with the current page number, or display page 1, after sorting or resorting the grid. Text color of grid control row ho. Minimum row height, in pixels.

Background color for a selected item. Selection mode for items in the control.

Adds sort buttons to perform simple text sorts on a user-selected column: The color to use for one of the alternating stripes. Text to display as a title at the top of the grid. Width of the control.