CCASS provides matching of trade and settlement details between participants on a batch basis. CCASS Settlement Process Flowchart (pdf). CCASS Settlement Process Flowchart Physical: Note applicable. Exchange trades and trades between brokers/custodian banks and custodian banks are all . If clearing and settlement of GEM securities is done through CCASS, under the existing CCASS Rules and. Operational Procedures, Hongkong Clearing has the .

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Settlement period is not fixed, freely negotiable between buyer and seller.

Listing applicants are required to disclose the basis for the identification of their controlling shareholder s in the listing documents submitted as part of their listing applications. The proxess FAQs are intended to assist issuers in meeting their obligations in relation to an MMO particularly in situations not explicitly specified or where further clarification may be desirable.

Provide an update on an applicant’s operations and financial position profess the latest audited financial period.

Furthermore, activities by such companies may be structured so that they are not subject to regulatory scrutiny under Rule The Exchange will not accept a sponsor confirming completion of the due diligence process with a processs solely due to the applicant’s internal policy on access restriction for confidential information, even if alternative due diligence work has been performed.

ECG is a computerised system for clearing and settling various types of low-value electronic payments such as the following:. Although we encourage applicants to include disclosure as set out in this letter in their draft prospectus, application form and formal notice as early as possible, we appreciate that an applicant may adopt the Pricing Flexibility Mechanism only after the listing hearing.

Settlement process – Hong Kong

The Exchange’s focus is to ensure the description of the applicant’s business in the listing document, including its name, appropriately reflects its present and future business engagements as required under Rule 2. For the avoidance of doubt, a if the information is permitted to be omitted from the AP-Vetting, it should not be disclosed in the AP-Publication; and b any information flwochart to be redacted should be consistently redacted throughout the AP-Vetting.


Please see Attachment 2 for details of amendments.

The information has not been independently verified by us, the Sponsor, settelment Underwriters or any other party involved in the Global Offering and no representation is given as to its accuracy. We will assign a User ID and Password to peocess applying sponsor.

Isolated trades are settled on a trade-by-trade basis. The Exchange does not consider Mr. The Exchange would determine, based on the specific circumstances of the case, the extent of procfss required with a view to ensuring transparency of the operation of the specific gambling activity and the associated risks.

Key laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdictions. In order to qualify for a dividend or scrip issue, the securities must reach the registrar no later than one business day before books close date. There may be cases in which it is xettlement for the applicant to accurately estimate the amount of payment required under a cooperative agreement for the use of the platform of the applicant’s parent company or another connected person where the payment is based on transaction volume as they may have a short operating history or be in a growth phase such that historical revenues would not be very reliable for estimating future transaction volume.

The contents of the printed prospectus are identical to the electronic form of the prospectus which can be accessed and downloaded from the websites of ssettlement Company at [Company’s website] and the Stock Exchange at www.

Under the draft Foreign Investment Law, companies in rlowchart, or de facto control, of a Chinese citizen would not be subject to foreign investment restrictions. This means the headings need to say what the risk is and not merely disclose the facts or circumstances that give rise to the existence of the risk.


The Rules provide a framework for the conduct of continuing connecting transactions, recognizing the practical difficulty if issuers have to comply with the connected transaction Rules each time a transaction is proposed. The Exchange flowcharh look into the relationship between the close associates and the applicant, and will assess whether to recommend Consent to them on a case-by-case basis.

This is because the asset manager is acting only as a pass through, simply aggregating wettlement placed by its clients, and not exercising any decision-making authority over the size of the order or its distribution among its client accounts.

Settlement process – Hong Kong

Same-day settlements can be processed if matching instructions are entered before Product returns and warranty Only if applicable to the applicant’s business. Summarise material agreements by describing key provisions in plain language.

Please submit by 6: During normal business sertlement from [time and date] until [time and date], at least [number] copies of the printed prospectus will be available for inspection at every location where the white and yellow application forms are distributed.

Subscription of shares by existing shareholders 5. HKSCC will effect buy-in at what it determines to be the best prevailing market price and terms available, and pass back all the costs and expenses incurred with regards to the buy-in to the short CP.

No reliance should be placed on the [media reports identified]. Group related information together. Such explanations should be based on qualitative and quantitative information, and be neutral.

C is neither entitled to exercise, nor does Mr.