View and Download Cateye MICRO Wireless CC-MCW owner’s manual online. Micro wireless ciclocomputer. MICRO Wireless CC-MCW Bicycle. So – I got a new wireless computer for my bike today – a CatEye MICRO Wireless Cycle Computer (CC-MCW) – and the instructions are. Cc-mcw micro wireless, Micro wireless, 5 mm • Read online or download PDF • CatEye CC-MCW [Micro Wireless] User Manual.

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So I just stopped using it for years. Tusker 8 September at In general, I have always been dismayed that in almost every endeavor, instructions are boiled down to sketches and icons rather than simple written instructions that tell one explicitly what needs to be dc-mc100w.

Cheers for these instructions. Found your Blog just in time for my scheduled Brighton bike ride tomorrow.

Becky Amiss 14 May at Barry Ellem 31 July at Posted by MTBK manuxl Put bluntly, it works well! Kevin 17 March at Mark Horowitz 30 August at The manual is a load of rubbish, but this makes setting the device so simple. Once you’ve done this successfully, you will hear a nice quiet ‘tick’ when the magnet passes the sensor as you spin the wheel.

Cateye CC-MC100W Owner’s Manual

How Well Does it Work? It may be helpfull if they had a video on their website that would assist with the set-up. I spent twenty minutes trying to follow the Cateye-supplied “manual” before I told myself that I’d have a better chance of finding an online solution written by someone as equally disrespectful of the Cateye manual as I.

I vc-mc100w this is a bit pointless seeing as you have to buy a whole new sensor and mountings for your second bike and may as well then get a second computer.


Debbie Steiniger 14 October at Jack 27 March at Dave Cary 24 March at When you first go into it, the 12h will maunal flashing. Although certian assumptions had to be made with regards to their CatEye instruction sheet, I personally found the instructions to flow reasonably smoothly.

The time below starts to flash. Now I’ve written your instructions on my manual so I won’t forget next time. On the screen, you should see a small wheel flashing with a figure next to it My battery had to be replace and I needed the manual which I could not find had cateye for 4 years Your directions helped me fly through the set up.

Does anyone know what circumference setting works with a 29er? Morgs 24 November at I just replaced the battery and want to hang on to my glory.

You have done the entire cycling community a great service with this web page; my only regret is that it took me about two days of Internet searching before I finally found it. I’ve had CatEyes for years and always have trouble figuring out how to reset the time and odometer. Therefore, I’ve ignored the ‘2 bikes’ options. I’ll print your work and carry it with me.


The selection A and B is for two wheel sizes on the same bike. This takes you to the Advanced Functions menu. It is nice to see this written clearly.

Much thanks for posting–this is what I needed- clueless from the directions in the box-now I’m good to go! My husband and I spent the better half of a day trying to figure out how to set the clock and until we found your instructions and finally we got it done.


Very well done, Sir! This seems to be a very common manul and having sat down for a while and done a bit of research on the net, I can now write out some instructions to hopefully save some people a bit of time!!!

Allan Quizon 30 April at I’ve just changed bikes so it was good to reset everything easily.

As an older road rider living in Southern California, I want to say “thanks” for your very credible effort and, also, I hope you and the rest of the lads in the UK are finally over that little skirmish we had with you about years ago I forgot about the button on the bottom of the unit to actually make the changes.

You basically cable tie the sensor to the fork don’t do it too tight at first then slide the magnet onto the spoke. The manual only goes up to C. This is VERY important!

Mount the computer on the handlebars how you want. I’m an airline pilot who is use to following complex schematics on jet aircraft. I snipped the cable ties down to leave 1cm spare to pull on with pliers should it work loose, which is unlikely, but you never know. Really simple, helpful instructions. I’ve had the cateye for seven years, and I’m a tech guy, but that manual When I started having problems with the computer and had to reset it, I was stymied.

Wilfried Dehne 25 March at