View and Download Casio EXILIM EX-FH25 user manual online. Casio Digital Camera User Manual. EXILIM EX-FH25 Digital Camera pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for CASIO Exilim EX-FH We have 2 CASIO Exilim EX-FH25 manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual. View and Download CASIO Exilim EX-FH25 user manual online. Exilim EX-FH25 Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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What types of memory cards are supported? Why does the subject in an image appear exllim be bent? Can images I shoot be stored as RAW image data?

Casio EX-FH25 Review – Specifications

Can this model record without a memory card? What are the minimum requirements for recording and playing back images? What is total memory capacity when a memory card is loaded in the camera? Is it built-in memory capacity plus memory card capacity? Why doesn’t the remaining memory capacity change after I shoot an image? Why does the monitor screen show hour time even though I have hour format selected? Can I stamp recorded images with the date or time?

Casio EX-FH25 Digital Camera User Manual

Why are there horizontal bands in the images I shoot? How can I display cadio image recorded and saved in RAW image data format? Manul is the difference between the two shutter types? Why isn’t recording performed according to my mode dial setting? Sometimes I can see smoke coming from the camera’s flash when I use the flash to shoot a picture. Is there something wrong with my camera? Is it necessary to switch the focus mode between Auto Focus and Macro based on the distance to the subject?

Does this camera have a macro mode? When shooting with Continuous AF, why is there audible noise and exolim in the real-time monitor image? What is the resolution and image size when digital zoom is being used? Why don’t my images look like the Best Shot Mode sample images? Why do subjects in my images have red eyes even though I use Red Eye Reduction?

Why are my flash images out of focus? Can I use 20X optical zoom in the macro mode? Why can’t I shoot snapshots? What should I do when the eyes of the subjects have red or white spots in them when I use a flash? What is the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom? What can I do with the Best Shot Mode? Why is it that the display image sometimes does not enlarge when I use manual focus? Why can’t I get exactly the shot I want with Lag Correction? Why are there white spots in some of my images when I use the flash?


EX-FH25 – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

Why do some images recorded with flash come out looking a little dark? What can I do with tracking function? Why is the image blurry when I have Anti Shake enabled and use the camera on a tripod or table top.

Why are my images blurred, even when I use High-speed Best Selection? Is there any way to reduce image blur or to record images without a flash when lighting is dim?

Is there anything I need ex-fh5 keep in mind caasio using High-speed Best Selection? If I shoot an image in portrait orientation, will it be displayed on the monitor screen automatically in portrait orientation?

Can I rotate images that I recorded while Auto Rotate was turned off? Can the interval between Multi-motion shots of the moving subject be changed? With High-speed CS and Prerecord CS, can movement of the subject be viewed on the monitor screen or in the viewfinder?

Can all of the images in a CS group be printed on a single sheet? How many images can you specify for recording with Prerecord CS? Can I select for printing, saving, deletion, etc. During continuous shutter shooting, the camera continually focus on a moving subject? How much time is required for shooting consecutive images with High-speed CS? What is the size of the image that is finally stored by Multi-motion? How many shots of the moving subject are recorded for a Multi-motion image?

What is the problem when the error message “Operation not possible. Secure camara or change background. What types of continuous shutter are provided?

Is there some special trick or things I should keep in mind? Does auto macro work during movie recording? Can I cut still images out of a movie I recorded in the HS mode? Can I use zoom when recording a movie?

Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to use the camera’s Movie Cut editing feature? What types of movie modes are provided? Are there any special ex-fh5 when using an SD memory card for recording movies? Can Auto Focus be used during movie recording? What types of HS modes are available?

What can I do with the movie editing functions of this camera? After I edit a mxnual, can I save it as a new file?

How can I play a movie recorded with the HS mode? If I want to play back a movie on a computer, what type of computer to I need? The camera’s Movie Cut editing feature seems to take a long time. Is there something wrong with the camera?

  ISO 13567-1 PDF

What can I do with Prerecord Movie? Can I add audio after recording a movie or snapshot? Does the camera have a voice recording feature? Exilik I use the camera to play back audio I recorded with it? What audio file types are supported for slideshow background music? Can the option AC adaptor be used in other countries? What is the life of the batteries that come with the camera? What kind of batteries can I use?

This camera can be powered by two different types of different battery, but is there any way to optimize operation for a particular type of battery? Does the camera have a function to refresh chargeable batteries?

Computer, Communication, Printer, and Other Operations.

CASIO Exilim EX-FH25 Manuals

Can I view snapshots and movies I record on a TV? Does the camera support Exif Print Exif 2. Is there anything I need to keep in mind when casoo the USB cable to connect the camera directly to a PictBridge or compatible printer? Is this model PictBridge compatible? Can I scroll to the next image while a snapshot is zoomed on the monitor screen? Can I attach filters or conversion lenses to this camera model? Can the camera be mounted onto a tripod?

Does an Eye-Fi card need to be formatted? Can I transfer only selected images? Is there any way I can check on the camera whether an image was sent to another device? Why can’t I perform Eye-Fi communication? Why doesn’t the Eye-Fi icon turn green? What should I do if the camera suddenly powers down while image data transfer is in progress?

Are there any restrictions or problems when using an Eye-Fi card as xasio memory card? Where can Eye-Fi card data communication be used? Can I use an Eye-Fi card out of the box? Can movie data be transferred by an Eye-Fi card?

When does Eye-Fi card data communication start? Are images transferred by an Eye-Fi card retained in card memory?

Why are some images that should have been transferred missing? Manyal I use the camera if normal camera operation is possible after the message appears? Why do time and date settings I configured the first time after purchasing the camera reset to their factory defaults when I remove the camera’s battery?