Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Il ventaglio (the fan) a comedy in three acts by Carlo Goldoni, translated for the Yale University Dramatic Association (incorporated) by Kenneth McKenzie with . REVIEWS Carlo Goldoni: II Ventaglio. A graded Italian Reader edited by Vincenzo Cioffari and John Van Home. Boston, D. C. Heath and Company,

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Prima esecuzione presso il Teatro La Fenice di Venezia il 19 febbraio Right and left, between the inn and the side houses, runs the street. Well, I think that all we have to complain of against Signora Geltrude is, that she did not ask us to stay to dinner with her. Excuse me, I should not like to make cwrlo mistake.

goldonj I due avversari ingelositi s’incolpano l’un l’altro e stanno per venire alle mani, ma interviene il Conte di Rocca Marina a calmare le acque. I will go and see that they have prepared for our dinner. A model attribution edit summary using German: The Baron is in the house?

I have not got one. She will do it as soon as the conditions— Count. The Fan itself appears first as a gift of affection from the well-intentioned Evaristo to a young maiden, but is set afloat and into the hands of different characters. Come, come, let us go. He gave it to Nina.


Il Ventaglio by Carlo Goldoni

Yes, I am content with you. You know precisely who I am. Are you persuaded of my innocence? Can you assure me you speak the truth—that there is nothing between you and Signor Evarist? She is not here, and I can find her nowhere. Venhaglio is a lady who has some talents; I like literature, I converse with her more willingly than with any other.

Because I want to know nothing about this matter. I am vexed that this fan broke on my account, but I will make it good. I know him because he sometimes comes to the house, and is a friend of my aunt’s.

Il ventaglio / Carlo Goldoni – Details – Trove

What’s all this noise about? Nina, what did Signor Evarist give you? All equal, all companions, Susanna, Nina, Margherita, Lucia; the shopkeeper, the goatherd, the peasant, all one. It is not golfoni. Do you give us cats to eat? What do you mean by give? Yes, yes, keep it, I give it you.

Shall I not repay her? Yes, my good girl, I deserve your pity.

Il ventaglio

Where are you going? I am deeply enamoured of him. Works by Carlo Goldoni.


Sign up to caglo offers and updates: Oh, aunt, excuse me; I have heard things about her of a nature that would make it better we should no longer let her come to the house. And you do not wish me to call you silly! Come, come, let me go in, so as not to keep the Baron waiting. You called me, Count?

A thing not much to be relied on. No; rather than to you or Coronato, I will give it to Crispino. I have destined it elsewhere. Because she felt it coming on.

Is it I who ill-treat you, tease you, trample you under foot? Coronato and Scavezzo come out of the inn; the latter carries a barrel on his shoulders; the former passes Crispinolooks at him and laughs. Here I am, sir, with the dogs and the gun. Admitting the condition and the circumstances, my niece is content to marry the Baron. It has also a back door which adjoins a little pharmacy. We will speak of this again.