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Captaris took on several guises during its first two decades of business, demonstrating a nimble approach to the markets it served.

The company began as Applied Voice Technology, Inc. During its first decade in business, the company developed software and hardware for voice and call processing, competing in the computer telephony market. Commonly referred to as CTI, for computer telephony integration, the computer telephony market addressed the need to unite telephones and personal computers, two of the most essential business tools.

The first voice- and call-processing systems were rudimentary by later standards, performing the basic functions of call answering, routing, and messaging. Although telephone systems became more sophisticated, thereby increasing the complexity and capabilities of CTI, the technological advances recorded in the personal computer industry were largely responsible for propelling CTI forward, making the integration of telephone and computer a vital and intricate business.

Applied Voice, regarded as a pioneer in the CTI field, helped advance the capabilities of CTI during the first chapter in its history, but as changes in the marketplace occurred, the company shifted its strategy, giving birth to Captaris, a leader in automating paper and other document-centric processes that proliferated in the corporate world.

CTI was evolving as Applied Voice gained its footing, becoming a prized asset for corporate clientele. Basic applications, such as automatically answering incoming calls, routing the call to the desired party, and allowing the caller to leave a voice message, gave way to more advanced applications. CTI systems were riggtfax to manage voice, fax, and e-mail messages from either a telephone or a computer, for instance.

Applied Voice helped push the technological envelope of CTI, establishing captarris as a recognized force in the years immediately preceding the explosive proliferation of computers in the workplace. The company unveiled its marquee product, CallXpress3, ina product whose success in the CTI market helped Applied Voice double its annual revenue during the first half of the decade.


Designed to support from four to 64 telephone ports, CallXpress3 was developed for business customers requiring high-capacity call answering, routing, and voicemail services, consisting of software programs that operated in an integrated, multitasking environment. Inthe company introduced a product for the middle ccaptaris of the market, unveiling PhoneXpress, a product for businesses that did not require the advanced application rghtfax and capacity of a CallXpress3 system.

Although CallXpress3 was developed with a telephony orientation, without the original intention to integrate telephone systems with computers, the standard, local-area-network LAN capability of CallX-press3 and its software-modular packaging possessed the functions and capability to be incorporated into computer networks.

As companies large and small became increasingly reliant on computers to conduct their business, Applied Voice began designing its products specifically for CTI applications, altering its strategy to adapt to the changing needs of its customers. The pair developed RightFax, a product that became the leading network-based fax server software. The addition of RightFax steered the company in its new direction, becoming an integral part of its strategy in the 21st century.

Captaris saves money and improves the performance of information investments by empowering organizations to boost productivity and become more efficient rightax streamlined communications. rightfaxx

Captaris RightFax | DocuWare

A travel agency, for instance, could change the schedule of a cruise via e-mail and then send the changes to other agents via fax. As Applied Voice exited the s and prepared for the capfaris century, the company began to alter its strategy in earnest. In earlythe company changed its name to AVT Corporation, adopting what would prove to be a transitional corporate identity. The years of focusing on voice and call processing were nearly over, but before the company severed its ties to the business that supported righhfax operations for nearly 20 years, it acquired MediaTel Corp.

Not long afterwards, AVT began to focus its attention on new markets, shifting capttaris strategy at the behest of a new leader. In NovemberDavid P.

OpenText RightFax

Anastasi, who earned his graduate degree in international management from the University of San Franciscospent most of the s serving as an executive at rigutfax Public Access and SmartCard Division of U S West. Immediately before joining AVT, he served as president and chief executive officer of Conversational Computing Corporation, a speech recognition technologies company.


Traditionally, the company had made its living by selling telephony software that enabled voicemail, unified messaging, and fax systems to communicate with one rightfaxx, treating the various product lines it sold as separate businesses.

In Januaryhe acquired Infinite Technologies Ribhtfax. Captaris, a name adopted intook shape during the first years of the new decade, as Anastasi attempted to regain the financial strength formerly exuded by the Washington-based enterprise.

The company released its first set of wireless products in May after beta testing its Infinite Server in 36 countries.

The irghtfax server catparis users to access e-mail, voicemail, faxes, personal calendars, and contact databases for Internet-enabled devices such as cellular telephones and personal digital assistants.

Additionally, a text-to-speech module converted e-mail cwptaris to speech, enabling users to respond with a voice message. Next, Anastasi orchestrated a series of divestitures and acquisitions that would give Captaris three pillars of support by the time the company marked its 25th anniversary.

The deal-making left Captaris focused on three product categories: Before the end of the month, he acquired Teamplate, Inc. Based in Englewood, ColoradoInformation Management Research marketed a ca;taris line under the name Alchemy that helped companies capture, archive, and retrieve captagis information. The deals completed in and gave Captaris the product profile it offered at its 25th anniversary.

Anastasi completed no significant acquisitions or divestitures in and The change in strategy created a smaller company, but Anastasi and his management team were convinced the reorientation of the company would lead to a more vibrant financial future. Information Management Research, Inc. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

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