Psicopatología y semiología psiquiátrica. Front Cover. Ricardo Capponi M. Universitaria, Semiologia Em Psiquiatria Da Infancia E Da · FRANCISCO . Psicopatología y semiología psiquiatrica. Front Cover. Ricardo Capponi M. Bibliographic information. QR code for Psicopatología y semiología psiquiatrica. Psicopatologia y semiologia psiquiatrica Ricardo Capponi. 2 likes. Book.

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In our study, after adjustment with other confusion factors, interviewees who had SAH, obesity and DM as pre-existing chronic conditions were significantly more anxious. Meta-analyses about physical exercise and mental health concluded that physical activities are efficient to reduce anxiety 33 We conducted the study in a school hospital, so, the results cannot be extrapolated to other general hospitals in Brazil.

In the bivariate analysis, anxiolytics had significant p-value, however, this association was lost after the adjustment. It is known that the presence of anxiety in a patient hospitalized in a general hospital can be a manifestation of a pre-existing psychiatric disorder in which anxiety is prevalent as a symptom 23 The regression was “backwards”. Buenos Aires, Salvat, The conclusion was that, by controlling the effect of variables that generate confusion, there is a significant association between the anxiety of these hospitalized patients with gender variables higher among womenage higher among young peopleusual place of medical care higher in PHC and ERsome chronic pre-existing diseases higher among diabetic, hypertensive and obese patients and the estimate of the patient about the time the student stayed with him.

It can be considered pathological when representing a response that does not properly correspond to a stimulus, in a way that the individual experiments insecurity, goes through apprehensive anticipation, finds difficulties to adjust to the environment and presents signals of suffering 2 2.


Sintomatologia ansiosa e depressiva em adultos hospitalizados: The doctors in charge were warned about the interviewers about the patients who presented with positive tests for the outcome.

Catatonic syndrome in acute severe encephalitis due to Borrelia burgdorferi infection. The hospital anxiety and depression scale.

The mean time since patients have seen this professional was 7. Its version in Portuguese has been tested and validated among inpatients7.

In Tables 2 and 3the distribution of anxiety according to associated factors is observed. The codified psiquiatrkca were inserted in Epinfo 6. The sample was composed of patients aged more than 18 years old, of both genders, with minimum admission time of 48 hours.

Most were literate Arch Gen Psychiatry ; 60 7: An interesting fact was the variation of PR in relation to stratified time intervals that showed a “U” pattern, demonstrating that the association is higher in time extremes and lower in middle categories with relation to the base category.

Catatonic stupor in elderly woman with hyperparathyroidism.


Madrid, Paz Montalvo, In the third phase, in order to explore the independent effect of variables, the choice was to use the Poisson regression with large confidence intervals. A meta-analysis on the anxiety-reducing effects psiocpatologia acute and chronic exercise. Rev Saude Publica ; 29 5: Good outcome in a catatonic patient with enlarged ventricles. Figures 1 Tables 4.

María Carolina Marín Bravo | Chad Hatten –

In our study, the association between self-declared regular physical exercise and anxiety has not been shown. Nicotine Tob Res ; 3 3: Psiquiatfica88 4: The prescription of anxiolytics and antidepressants was much less expressive Anxiety disorders are also prevalent among patients infected by HIV, especially in diagnosis situations, new treatments and acute disease 32 The performance of more studies is suggested to analyze the anxiety in this population, as well as other designs and instruments, with more participants to better elucidate the factors associated with the outcome.


Rev Psiq Clin ; 32 5: However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Interviewers followed-up the hospitalizations and hospital discharges daily, thus avoiding losses. This is an Open Access article distributed under the psicopatoloiga of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

El grupo de las esquizofrenias. More than one third of the patients had been hospitalized in the previous year; most of the interviewees had been previously diagnosed with some chronic pathology, and Systemic Arterial Hypertension SAH semiologi the most mentioned one, followed by gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions.


Days of current hospitalization Number of classes of medicines prescribed during hospitalization. This type of regression enables to calculate prevalence ratios, and it is also adequate to measure the association between factors and outcome in cross-sectional studies.

Catatonia on the consultation-liaison service. It is known that heart conditions are associated with this disease 23 Milano, Feltrinelli editore, In order to check the habit of alcohol consomuption, the CAGE 11 Am J Psychiatry Dis Nerv Syst8: Psychiatry2: The used instrument was a pre-codified questionnaire with the following independente variables: Biparietal infarctions in a patient with catatonia. Santiago de Chile, Ed.