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Something like an Ipad is the nearest convenience to a physical book but it will be quite a while yet before everyone uses them or some other technical equivalent or ever Edited by neilmac Well we plunge and bought the English version and had it sent out to Spain.

The cats are getting restless! They have over 19, stops in all European countries and morocco.

We use these, a lot. We know some people who would not use Aires even if they were paid to do so and have to book sites for every stage of their journey it may work for thembut certainly not for us.


Showed the officer the picture in the book, still a no and escorted off the land. I do wonder how long these printed, cost-a-lot, not up-datable through the year, guides will continue to sell in the face of the internet quicker, more campersop to date and obviously much cheaper alternatives.

But then the Vicarious book is in my view the best guide available to French Aires, if a little pricey – unless you get a freebie for reporting in with new Aires and photos – many thanks Vicarious!! As far as I know it is now discontinued and there is a new model.

CAMPERSTOP EUROPE 16 COUNTRIES ENGF : Anne van den Dobbelsteen :

If so it is a bargain as they are sold per country. Also I use ACSI but many of these sites, although good, are not always that well placed and the Camperstop euroe in apparently also gives distance of Aires and campsites to nearby towns meaning that you don’t end up in the middle of nowhere. We have caperstop usual problem of managing how much data we use, but the MiFi reports on that quite well, and we also sometimes need to manually change the network selected, but only normally when we enter a new country.


Check this to stay in touch – we send out a single weekly email on Sunday morning. Just need to connect to wifi every now and again to sync campersyop newest data. If you only want to buy and carry one or the other, camperstop is cheaper and has more coverage.

Accept Reject Read More. Has anyone got a copy and if so how good is it? Euurope, give the cats a stroke from us, Jay Reply.

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However we do plan to get a copy of Camperstop next year if for no other reason that for less than the cost of one site night it gives many alternatives in many countries and is another handy string to our bow. However, I don’t really plan where I go but I’ve often found that I’ve turned up at an Aire and have found it to be not that pleasant.

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Ebooks Best Sellers Camperstop Europe 2012 16 Countries Engf 9789076080000 Pdf

First go the overall map page and look for the detail map which covers your area. Although there are many websites free or subscription that provide potentially better information there will campperstop be room for a book in the glovebox ready to flick through at any time. Horses for courses again Bruce. You might have come across the names: Quite a while yet I think.


BGD – 9: Neither has all the locations in though, so if you want as much coverage as you can get particularly if you are staying in one country then get both.

We swore by http: Just a thought, but camperstp are now several very good website guides that, for free, provide the same if not more information Went to a stop overlooking Bilbao, closed. I have copy ,16 pages set out in regions for Portugal with average of 10 Stops per page ,some free and some are camp sites.

Edited by Tracker A link to the version is below although I would buy the version which is available soon: In a word, yes. Hi Mike, You might also be interested in Espana Discovery, which lists free stopovers at vineyards and farms around Spain not Portugal, though.

BGD – We tried a stop in Haro only to be told no camping here, use the campsite around the corner. As for French Aires, stands to reason campdrstop a French book, published by one of their mags and bought when you get there, is likely to be more “current” than an English-language one bought online long before you leave!

Printer friendly version Uerope a link to this thread Jump to forum: Enjoying your latest and hope to get out on the road semi-long term again soon. The locals use them too, they are very popular, especially in the summer months! We went to another stop in Haro, moved on by the police, you can’t stay here it is a religious plot. Worth having especially campeerstop it was a present.