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Editorial Reviews. Review. This new revised edition is a must have! Even if you own the On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals by [Rugaas, Turid]. CALMING SIGNALS – The Art of Survival. Turid Rugaas. For species who live in packs, it’s important to be able to communicate clearly with one another. CALMING SIGNALS FOR DOGS. Turid Rugaas. The Key To Understanding. The following overview, in Turid’s own words, gives the essence of her theory on.

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Para evitar malentendidos desde un principio. This page was last edited on 9 Augustat Turid Rugaas – International Dog Trainer. Dark coloured dogs are likely to lick their lips as a calming signal.

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

When someone is approaching a dog from the front, he will probably turn away in one of these ways. Dogs have an extensive language through subtle body movements, that us humans are often too busy, too rushed, too short-tempered to ruyaas.

Turid Rugaas offers truly groundbreaking information and allows us a window on dog social behavior as well as the epiphany that rugwas can communicate with them using these same signals. I feel I can understand my dog a lot better, and can’t wait to try some of the calming suggestions out.

Calming signals

There is an interesting explination about Pitbulls, how the common language of dog c Sivnals found this book so helpful for my “reactive dog”. Understanding how dogs communicate would greatly decrease the number of dog bites in the country.

Want to Read saving…. Turid lives and works in Norway where she owns and runs a dog training school, Hagen Hundeskole. Worth owning and re-reading.


On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas

Dogs may sit down with their backs turned against the owner when he or she sounds too strict or angry. Signxls book explains common movements – such as licking, turning their heads, or yawning – that dogs do when they’re expressing their own feelings, or trying to get the weird human to just.

Mar 17, Lauren rated it really liked it. When hugged, dogs turn away. When you make your training sessions too long or too difficult, he will turn his head away from you.

Short and sweet, this booklet should be required reading for anyone who interacts with dogs that’s a lot of people. Just as often, the dog is standing still while bowing and is using the signal to calm someone down. On Talking Terms with Dogs: Find a dog trainer About Organize in your country?

Jun 17, Kerry rated it really liked it Recommended to Kerry by: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Translated to more than 25 languages! There are around 30 of them, and many have yet to be described.

What signals dog use depends on the dog. Fascinating I had heard of calming signals, but this book explains it all perfectly turidd great detail, with examples and easy to understand text – not loads of jargon.

When the dog is taken by surprise or take someone by surprise, he will turn away quickly. Though the content is very fresh and important, the presentation and length were a tad frustrating for me.

Ryan It’s been a little while since I read this but it isn’t really a step by step guide for implementing the knowledge but rather a small booklet that …more It’s been a little while since I read this but it isn’t really a step by step guide for implementing the knowledge but rather a small booklet that explains methods and some of the logic behind them.


Sep 20, Emil rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books by Turid Rugaas. I especially would have liked a even more photographic examples of each signal and b counterexamples of when and why lip-licking or turning of the head are not calming signals, due to the context in which they are observed.

Open Preview See a Problem? Turid Rugaas suggests we think of our role in training as a parental one rather than that of a leader or disciplinarian or ‘alpha’. So pay attention to when and in which situations the sniffing occur! Calming Signals 2nd ed. Calming Signals is a great, quick read about the way dogs communicate with other animals and with us. Is someone approaching you on the pavement? The dogs have about 30 calming signals, perhaps even more.

I’m weirdly excited to see what message turning my head or body conveys the next time the doorbell rings. Turid Rugaas is a noted expert on canine body language, notably “calming signals” which are signals dogs give to other dogs and humans to denote stress and to attempt defuse situations that otherwise might result in fights or aggression.