The website for the fiction writer Edan Lepucki. friendships, set in the posh hills above Los Angeles, from the New York Times bestselling author of California. Edan Lepucki sets her debut novel, California, somewhere in the s. The nearness of this era helps make her vision both more discomfiting. Edan Lepucki comes to the telephone out of breath and laughing. “I’m escaping from my children!” she cries, and I can hear said offspring.

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Where I got the book: Especially without the enriched characters. Lepucki uses this backdrop to explore how a typical marriage might survive a society that has turned into rather a dog-eat-dog affair. As the curtain opens, we meet Cal sometimes called California and his wife, Frida.

Ugh, I really wanted this to be good — it was an intriguing premise. Article continues after advertisement. This was, simply put, edn worst book I have read in californiw memory.

California review – Edan Lepucki’s hit story of marriage after the apocalypse

Oct 02, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: I appreciated that Lepucki has tried to produce a new angle on the post-apocalyptic novel, with a married couple taking the forefront. Because maybe you’re not for this bunch of reasons,” but it was never seriously doubted, her pregnancy. Also, a bit like in Children of Menshe effectively uses an unborn child as a symbol of hope, of life continuing: What I DID like about this novel was the imagining of a society gradually falling apart as goods become scarce and systems fail for some unspecified reason, probably due the sheer unsustainability of our current extravagant lifestyles.

Lady, meanwhile, is in a state of constant denial. I noticed some reviewers compared this to The Road. The further I got along, the more I hoped space elpucki would land on Cal or Frida impaled herself on one of the oft mentioned spikes. How did she resist feeding him poisonous berries or smother him with a pillow?

As for the fear of the color red everything from red clothing to paper cuts were shunnedthen why talk about that fear while cutting up presumably red apples? Is Lepucki planning a sequel? In spite of the constant talk and endless explanations, none of the characters were clear to me; the main characters flip-flop in th Oh dear.


Some cities are inhabitable and several large corporations, two which names made me chuckle because they are so much in the news for their strong arm tactics, have started secure gated communities.

My attention kept getting snagged on the physical and geographic details. Cal is perfectly happy making Caligornia his entire world. We’re Not satisfying to californla either as literary fiction or as genre. My plan was to pick it up from the store and then light it on fire, but I decided that supporting Edan Lepucki would have been the worst thing I’ve done since buying California the first time.

They arrive at califoria Land” and resume a semblance of normalcy, working, interacting with others, and Frida even gets to bake cakes. She persuades Cal to leave their outpost in search of other people.

It’s going to protect itself and stop having periods. It helped me to toggle back and forth between worlds, an excellent skill for californla novelist.

Then there’s Frida and Cal living alone in a house: Then once Frida decides she is pregnant they head to another settlement so they can be around people. The sentences aren’t beautiful, and the plot is thin—not much happens in the present tense, and it feels like you’re reading an updated Greek play, where characters come onstage to say, “Hey, someone got beheaded once, a long time ago!

California (novel) – Wikipedia

She’s also one of the few writers I’ve read who actually does hard description really well; I wished the couple would stay in the otherworldly spikes longer to get more more imagery like “when they hit another wall, six Spikes so close their necks intertwined like swans’. A dude not mentioning something about his day: Win a Lit Hub tote bag!

Because if these two characters can survive. The protagonists abandon their former lives and seek the support of a lepucik in which to raise their child.

California is pages of prequel and ten of “a stranger comes to town. They are in love- they are alone- they have what they need Some people talk of this book as being set in a post-apocalyptic era or dystopian backdrop. It’s really the wrong kind of perspective to get me to enjoy a character. The couple struggle to decide whether or not to tell their new community calfornia Frida’s pregnancy which might sway a communal vote to determine if the couple should be allowed to stay.


Instead, it just made them appear childish and made the book worst than poorly written angsty YA novels. It just wasn’t for me.

Her mother is kind of brazen, but pulled that off because she knows herself better. It was like watching segregation at work in a novel. Cal and Frida are now part of “civilized civilization”–the return to “white picket fences” and “dad’s going to work, while mom stay home”–almost a mirror of pre America.

It’s californiq fascinating insight into how a community can be born and new traditions developed after great calamity. Dwindling resources, a starving public infrastructure, severe weather events, an upside-down diet where the least-processed food is only afforded to the bourgeois classes; these are real fears with measurable pernicious effects in They lepuckii soon find a settlem 3.


No one, I’m aware, was promising a masterpiece. Lepucku times the two of them seem like an utterly useless waste of space, especially when Frida decides that getting high takes priority over acquiring any sort of goods that might be of help to them.

But I thought the sibling relationship and the relationship between Cal and Micah, full of their own frustrations, were both portrayed very realistically, which is perhaps why it was so frustrating to read!

Quick word review now up at We Love This Book. While I was slogging through the book, I kept wondering where it was going.