Includes maintenance guides, galleries, technical info and club meets. C20NE: Image The best way of telling the difference is to look at the. Includes maintenance guides, galleries, technical info and club meets. for information relating to emissions issues on my C20NE. Does anyone know of any easy way to tell if the ecu has the immobiliser built in or not. I know some do and some don’t. Thanks.

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c0ne Retrieved from ” https: This engine was discontinued in and new generation open deck engines replaced starts with a prefix of the letter A e. Harvard Business School Press. The X18XE was branded as Ecotec. The engine was also an option in Westfield kitcars. A typical symptom of a porous head is usually a ‘ mayonnaise ‘-like substance forming somewhere inside the cooling system usually, this can be found residing on the coolant reservoir cap.

Retrieved 29 Etch The engine was equipped with a water-cooled Garrett T turbocharger; however it did not utilize an intercooler. Vauxhall complied with the tdch emission controls inalthough the legislation wasn’t law until The development track of these engines split inwith the introduction of the 20XE ; which featured a valve DOHC head.


Retrieved 5 July These engines are sometimes referred to as “Big-block” engines by enthusiasts; in contrast to the smaller Family 1 engines which are sometimes referred to as the “Small-block” engines.

Opel | SOIETA TECH s.r.o.

In the C20XE was introduced, and was fitted with a catalyst and oxygen sensor in the exhaust. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Inthe 1. The naturally aspirated valve version of the 2. Sequential multi-port fuel injection. There are also subtle differences between the crankshaft, and visible difference in the pattern of the SFi airbox. The 20XE came into production in Zahlen und Fakten” [Kaiserslauten plant: CS1 German-language sources de C2ne category link is locally defined.

GM Ecotec engine 2. Data and facts] in German.

The Coscast head can be identified by a Coscast logo which is stamped under the 3rd exhaust port and a ridge on the head under the distributor.

Variations include displacements from 1. However, depending on the degree of porosity, symptoms of a porous head have a tendency to vary.


Retrieved 4 June The Family II also spawned two diesel variants, the 1. Originally, developed by Opelthese engines have been used in Brazilian market vehicles, Korean market vehicles and North American market vehicles; with the first versions appearing in The X20XEV was equipped with exhaust gas recirculation EGR to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions and air injection reactor AIR to speed up the warming up of the catalytic converter and to reduce unburnt hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

GM Family II engine

The Cavalier Turbo Owner’s Register. Archived from the original on 8 October In the Brazilian market these engines are still built under the FlexPower name.

Throttle-body fuel injection Multi-point fuel injection. This engine replaced the 2. Retrieved 13 April