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Это должно работать для вас (используя Ghostscript. Processor; namespace Add(“-sOutputFile=%printer%” + printerName); switches. how to print the pdf file? using c# and any free tool(*.dll) is there to develop. Finally i solve my problem using 1. This article aims at using C# and Ghostscript to convert various other documents into PDF. As the Ghost PDF printer is a postscript printer, it will create the printable format of the file as . so that i can add the dll for GhostsScript in my project.

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Can the script used to convert. I am unable to solve the problem.

Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C#

Size of the spool file in bytes: The full path of the file to be converter to PDF. This approach eliminate the problem with the popup when using html files. In order to make a process object do some operations on a file, the ghostscritp type must be registered to some application.

It will be really helpfull if you could post the code snippet. Add inputFile ; processor.

Hi, convertToPdf method return string only. Hi Bhuban, Thanks a lot.

Print the pdf file

The above is a replacement to backslash. WriteLine ” Process Machine name: Check the following links: We can set other properties as per our requirement. Hi Shantanu, If you have enabled printer pooling, then OS and drivers should prunt handling that. Only after giving an End Task it ends the process and generates. Please provide me help. Run the process Creates controls the creation of the process to send the PDF to the printer.


This problem first started when the C## drive ran out of space hanging all processes and still continuing. Means that i want to install it using codes.

I want to direct print pdf to printer. Executing it via cmd is the easiest way to do it, as we can send the arguments as is. Are there any command switches that can remedy and improve the overall quality of the rendered pdf? I tried but the converttpPS section throws an error saying there is no application associated with the file. I appreciate your answer. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

PDF: direct printing with .NET using GhostScript API | Raju Padhara

Though it can not replace the Adobe’s Acrobat Professional, for basic operations it will help you a lot. Portable Document Format PDF is a file format from Adobe that enables a document to be distributed on different systems while preserving the layout. I will ghostscripg to implement this in a Web application and will revert back if I get something.

The code is working fine in Windows environmet but not in Web Environment. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I need to print onto Landscape for certain documents. I think that you are the right person to whom i can discuss. Merging pdfs could be possible, you can go through the ghostscript help for the same. The type or namespace name ‘Process’ could not be found are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference? And for these files, you may have to provide the full path instead of just their file names.

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It is working fine when normal web application but when I published that application at that time I get this type of error. Number of pages printed: With the increased use of PDF documents as a universal format for sharing documents and managing the paperless office, it has become a part ghosttscript the commercial applications to be able to convert documents of different format to PDF.

IIS 6 starts the default application pool as user “network-service”, but this user hasn’t otften the rights to do what you want. I am using a. Thus, if we want to create a PDF file #c the same name as the input file name, we ghostscriot just replace the extension of the inputted file with. Amjad Abdullah sorry for the late answer and anyone else: One more thing, some word documents, particularly those which use tables, tend to be rendered inaccurately when it is converted to pdf.

Also the ps printer has to run on the server!

Ghostscript.NET.dll распечатать pdf на указанный принтер

We are converting a. Win32 error code returned by the print processor: Then ghoztscript can have another button that initiates the PDF conversion process. You can also use 64bit same way Open visual studio to create project and install Ghostscript.