Results 1 – 9 of 9 Bullarium Franciscanum Romanorum Pontificum constitutiones, epistolas, ac diplomata continens tribus ordinibus Minorum, Clarissarum. Full title: “Bullarium Franciscanum: Romanorum pontificum constitutiones, epistolas, ac diplomata continens tribus ordinibus Minorum, Clarissarum. Catholic Church. Pope. Bullarium Franciscanum Romanorum Pontificum Rome: Typis Sacrae Congregationis de Propaganda Fide, Title Page.

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We order sentence of this kind to be read out publicly each Sunday and feastday in all maritime cities. This is the ancient device of Jesus Christ which he has deigned to renew in these times for the salvation of his faithful. John, will end in years, of which already nearly have passed.

And because corsairs and pirates hinder exceedingly aid to the Holy Land by capturing and despoiling those traveling to and from her, we bind them and their principal aiders and abettors with the bond of excommunication, forbidding, under threat of unending anathema, anyone knowingly to communicate with them in any contract of sale or purchase and enjoining the rulers of their cities and districts to call them back and curb them from committing this inquity.

We ask the same thing from those kings and princes, count, barons and other magnates, who themselves perhaps are not going personally to the service of the Crucified one.

The Crusades, Idea And Reality, We also take under the protection of Blessed Peter and ourselves the persons and goods of those same people from the time they take the cross; in fact they are to remain under the protection of the archbishops and the bishops and all the prelates of the Church of God and we decree that these goods are to remain untouched and rest unmolested until it is known for certain whether they have died or have returned home.

Nothing francisfanum to be laid down about arranging a fitting place from which the army of the Lord may depart and about its proper and orderly passage and its time of departure until the crusaders have taken the cross. It is to be locked with three keys which are to be looked after faithfully and held, one by an honest priest, another by a devout layman and a third by another religious. And so we decree and command that once a month there must be a general procession of men separately and, where it can be done, of women separately, praying with minds and bodies humbly disposed and with devout and fervent prayer, that merciful God will relive us of this shameful disgrace by liberating from the hands of the pagans that land in which he accomplished the universal sacrament of our redemption and by restoring it to the Christian francisacnum to the praise and glory of his holy name; with this wise proviso that during that procession the preaching of the cross which brings salvation should always be offered to the people franciscxnum a way that is assiduous and encouraging.

Text found for free use on the Internet at http: We concede, however, that remissions and indulgences of this kind should remain available to the people of Provence and the Spaniards.

The clergy and laity, men and women, should put their alms for the aid of the Holy Land into this chest, to be spent according to the decision franciwcanum those to whom this concern is entrusted.

We cry on behalf of him who when dying cried buplarium a loud voice on the cross, becoming obedient to God the father unto the death of the cross, crying out so that he might snatch us from the crucifixion of dranciscanum death.

And in addition to the former great and grave injuries which the treacherous Saracens franiscanum inflicted on our Redeemer, on account of our offences, the same perfidious Saracens have franciscanmu built a fortified stronghold to confound the Christian name on Mount Thabor, where Christ revealed to franciscsnum disciples a vision of his future glory; by means of this fortress they think they will easily occupy the city of Acre, which is very near them, and then invade the rest of that land without any obstructive resistance, since it is almost entirely devoid of forces or supplies.


It was intended to garner mass popular support for bularium Crusading cause to retake the Holy Land from the Ayyubid Dynasty. And if he wishes he can easily free it from the hands of the enemy, since nothing can resist his will. If perchance it were needed, we would take care to give our attention to any serious situation that arises. We command Jews to be compelled by means of the secular power to remit usuries to the same people; and all contact of any kind, whether in commercial dealings or in anything else, with all the Christian faithful should be denied them by sentence of excommunication until they have remitted them.

So rouse yourselves, most beloved sons, transforming your quarrels and rivalries, brother against brother, into associations of peace and affection; gird yourselves for the service of the Crucified One, not hesitating to risk your possessions and your persons for him who laid down his life and shed his blood for you, equally certain and sure that if you are truly penitent you will achieve eternal rest franciscanu a profit from this temporal labour.

So you must know that anyone who fails to serve his Redeemer in this hour of need is blameworthily severe and severely to be blamed. For we, trusting in the mercy of almighty God and the authority of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, by that power of binding and loosing franciscwnum God as conferred on us, although unworthy, grant to all those submitting to this labour personally bullarimu at their own expense full forgiveness of their sins, of which they make truthful oral confession with contrite hearts, and as the reward of the just we promise them a greater share of eternal salvation.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This site uses cookies. Otherwise we will take pains to show ecclesiastical severity towards their persons and their lands, since such people are turned against the Christian name no less than are the Saracens, and because to them unwilling to confound the wicked is nothing less than to foster them, and a man who openly fails to challenge a malefactor does not escape the suspicion of being in some secret league with him.

And they must see to it that their decisions are faithfully and bullariym carried out in each diocese bullarkum suitable men especially appointed for this task. And if there are not enough fighting men for this in any particular company, several groups must be joined together. But then, when the circumstances on franciscanuk side have been taken into consideration, we must decide to take whatever measures seem right with the advice of prudent men.

And for the same reason we revoke the remissions and indulgences formerly granted by us to those setting out for Spain against the Moors or against the heretics in Provence, chiefly because these were conceded to them in circumstances which have already entirely passed and for that particular cause which has already for the most part disappeared, for so far affairs in both places have gone well, by the grace of God, so that the immediate use of force is not needed.

For we certainly franciscanu, that manpower will not be insufficient if the means are not lacking. And so we are committing the task of carrying this out. Frwnciscanum our beloved sons the abbot of Salem and the former abbot of Neuburg and Conrad the dean of Speyer and bhllarium provost of Augsburg, men of entirely proven integrity franciiscanum faith, who, after they have admitted to their company men of foresight and integrity, must on our authority lay down and determine whatever arrangements they consider advantageous to promote this business.

Bullarium franciscanum romanorum pontificum: constitutiones, epistolas, ac – Google Books

And if any of those setting out to that place are strictly held by oath to repay usuries we order with the same franciscankm that their creditors be compelled by the prelates of the churches to franciscanuk from enforcing the oaths that had been made to them and to stop exacting usuries.


The Fifth Crusade before the port of Damietta, Egypt c. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their bullrium. Quia maior was the papal bull calling the Fifth Crusade, issued in April of How many men, converted to penance, have delivered themselves up to the service of the Crucified One in order to liberate the Holy Land and have won a crown of glory as if they had suffered the agony of martyrdom, men who perhaps might have died in their wicked ways, ensnared in carnal pleasures and worldy enticements!

God, who disposes all things with marvelous providence, bullarijm humbly beseech thee to snatch from the hands of the enemies of the cross the land which thine only-begotten son consecrated with his own blood and to restore it to Christian worship by mercifully directing in the way of eternal salvation the vows of the faithful here present, made for its liberation, though the same Our Lord etc.

Because in fact ftanciscanum would mean that aid to the Holy Franckscanum would franckscanum much impeded or delayed if before taking the cross each person had to be examined to see whether he was personally fit and able to fulfill a vow of this kind, we concede that anyone who wishes, except persons bound by religious profession, may take the cross in such a way that this vow maybe be commuted, redeemed or deferred by apostolic mandate when bularium need or evident expediency demands it.

In just such a way will the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ, who bestowed on you body and soul and all the other good things you have, condemn you for the vice of ingratitude and the crime of infidelity if you fail to come to his aid when he has been, as it were, thrown out of his kingdom, which he purchased with the price of his bulllarium.

Because at this time there is a more compelling urgency than there has ever been before to help the Holy Land in her great need and because we hope that the aid sent to her and will be greater than that which has ever reached her before, listen when, again taking up the old cry, we cry to you. For if any temporal king is thrown out of his kingdom by his enemies, when he regains his lost kingdom surely he bullariun condemn his vassals as faithless men and for these bad men will devise unimagined torments, with which he will bring them to a bad end, unless they risk for him not only their possessions but also their persons?

We also demand naval help from maritime cities. Fasting and almsgiving should be joined to prayer, so that with these as wings the prayer itself may fly more easily and quickly to franciscannum most loving ears of God, who will mercifully listen to us at the appointed time. And if any of their creditors forces them to pay usuries we command him to be compelled by a similar censure to restore them.

Oh, how much good has already come from this cause! Francis of Assisi participated in this Crusade, it is of important historical interest for understanding the motivations of the Saint of Peace.

If anyone dares to defy this he must be restrained by the prelates of the churches with ecclesiastical censure and with no right of appeal. We are sure that, since we franciscanim to put much more trust in divine mercy than in human power, we ought to fight in such a francidcanum not so much with physical arms as with spiritual ones.

The Christian peoples, in fact, held almost all the Saracen provinces up to the time of Blessed Gregory; but since then a son of perdition has arisen, the false prophet Muhammad, who has seduced many men from the truth by worldly enticements and the pleasures of the flesh.