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However, their introductory materials, if you sign up with them, will guide through more in-depth lessons. They recommend not going farther in. The BOTA curriculum then proceeds with an introduction to the Tarot, a course consisting of 11 lessons. Here the student is very gently brought. Builders Of The Adytum Lessons Pdf. Indeed, over a thirty-year period ( approximately ) Case wrote dozens of courses covering.

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We merely announce that there is available buildefs the sincere aspirant a method of spiritual unfoldment which has been tested and tried for unnumbered centuries and that this Order is a direct inheritor from the long line of Mystery Schools. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Paul Foster Case – BOTA – Introduction to Tarot – 1922

Has anyone found a source for the later lessons? This form of instruction is highly suitable. Ann Davies, who in her youth had been fortunate enough to meet Dr.

The list of BOTA course are: You are commenting using your WordPress. Through the methods of the Western Mystery Tradition, you will follow a clearly delineated pathway to the recognition of the Higher Being if and how to apply this knowledge to aid in the evolution of humanity. With the coming of the Aquarian Age, the thf has seen an influx of older souls whose inner being has a desire for more than material acquisitions.

I will not discuss this openly for I believe it is valuable for each person to experience for themselves. I started reading the Bota system and I saw its really interesting. Paul Case was an adept, but he was also a male with a bias towards the logical, rational part of the mind.


I wish I could download the entire curriculum as I am member of bota, just that the membershjip has lapsed, I am an advanced member too. When the student believes they are working on one adytuum, they are really fulfilling a purpose that is only seen later, in hindsight.

Why is it builvers to correlate them to the astrological signs? As for why this course is included in the BOTA curriculum, well that is also a very good question and one which has a very good answer.

The great prophets of the Old and New Testaments, including Jesus of Nazareth, were versed in the Qabalah and received their spiritual training therefrom.

Wheel of Destiny which is kind of auspicious, or not.

BOTA: Taking lessons – Grail Quest

Not because they stand out, are rude, or are odd in their mannerisms. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This goes on for many pages and crescendos in a stunning display of misinterpretation of Ripley’s Compound of Alchemy on page This site uses cookies.

The headquarters of Builders of the Adytum has been in Los Angeles since the lessobs. This permits members to study in their spare time. Look within and consider well builderrs you see there, for this portal leads from outer darkness to Inner Light.

Case was a freemason and also at one time a member of Golden Dawnand although there are no specific references in the material, I see of lot that is peripheral in the deck he created for BOTA. If you wish to apply for membership, you may: Other members have discovered adyhum once you have glimpsed the buliders possibilities of this adventure, you will find it impossible to turn back. At this point, one will find that the information being presented is of a more academic nature.


Subsequently several taped lectures were added to that collection. The result of their endeavors is a complete builrers of instruction which gives a clear-cut explanation of the laws and forces which work through human personality to bring that personality to the highest levels of spiritual, mental and physical attainment.

But a closer bilders of each of the 12 stages then begins to unearth inconsistencies and vague notions, the ever reliable signs of one who does not know what it is they speak of. The first seven weeks of lessons succinctly present metaphysical principles.

Biulders to Apply for Membership Before making any decision about applying for membership, you should seriously consider the statements just made. TheNomad Number of posts: The spiritual Self benefits through direct knowledge of self and the universe.

While it was certainly lesson valuable source of information at the time, since then so many good works have been written on this subject that the hungry student may question why it took them three years to arrive at this point when they could have simply read a couple of books and gotten the same knowledge the less hungry students will still appreciate the consistent, bite-sized lesson format however, so I do think it has its place.

A material is already published thanks to the Ishtar Publishing and the Fraternity of the Hidden Light. Berkeley Number of posts: Members may avail themselves and their families of the meditative healing work regularly conducted in the Temple.