Manuals for buderus juno c to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Manuals for Buderus Juno 11 download to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Buderus Manuals for Support Juno /SF Buderus | GB | Operating instructions | Buderus GB Operating instructions . .. 46 Shut down the heating system using the control unit.

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Reinstate components and press lockout button. This heating water is transported by the pump [3] through the flow line [4] to the radiators [6]. Replace if there are signs of deterioration. The terminals of balanced flues which can be touched are to be fitted with a guard. Immediately call a D. If you utilise this type of control, adjust the thermostatic radiator valves so that the required room temperature is achieved in the different rooms.

Selecting and modifying a heating program. Ensure flue exhaust seal is in position and in good condition, ie undamaged. Contact the water supplier or local plumbing inspector on how to control this situation.

To connect two consecutive heating phases, place the stop point of the first heating phase onto the start point of the next phase.

Please check which standard program best meets your requirements.

Typengeprüfte Gebläsebrenner, Heizkessel und Wassererwärmer

This includes all parts necessary to make the connection to the boiler. When the BC10 basic controller is shut down, the burner is also switched off automatically. If the pressure reaches 2. Possible status displays 1 Standard display for this operating condition. Lubricate all seals with a mild detergent. Consideration must be given however, to the following points.


When heating is in demand the valve diverts hot water to the radiators. We advise that you keep your Boiler off for one hour after the oil is delivered to your tank. Taking the terminal end, keeping it square to the external flange push home over the internal flue exhaust pipe until the four holes on the flange align.

Fit the vertical flue plate to the rear top panel of the boiler and fit the assembly into position over the vertical offtake spigot. A high level outlet should be provided for ventilation. Is the programmer or Boiler Operating Switch set to call for heat? The maximum permissible lengths are listed in see table 4, page Does the power supply cable enter the casing through a grommet?

Setting the DHW operating mode.

Download – Buderus

The following items should be checked on an annual basis at the very least. The burner operates continuously at maximum output. Guidance on its use is given in Section 1: After approximately three seconds, the permanent display will appear again. The Camray 5 Combi Boiler model is serviced from the front and top.

There is a risk of scalding from hot water if your heating contractor has set the DHW temperature higher, or has enabled the “Therm. It can also cause corrosion and reduce life of the heat exchanger. Burner locks out on morning starts then runs perfectly for rest of day 9. Due consideration to the siting of Boilers should be given.


Typengeprüfte Gebläsebrenner, Heizkessel und Wassererwärmer |

For specific information relating to fittings e. The Day on the Display will flash.

A copy of the installation. Troubleshooting 11 11 Troubleshooting Have your heating contractor remedy any faults immediately. They offer unique versatility and can be used in the following modes: The temperature is automatically determined on the basis of the heating characteristic. Enter the length of junk the system should only heat to the preset room temperature.

Fit flashing plate and cravat.

Turn the rotary selector clockwise without pressing any other key. The burner [2] heats the water inside the boiler [1]. All heating circuits without an MEC2 continue to operate normally.

Fitting the casing 38 Ensuring that there is no wall debris present in either ducts slide outer air duct into inner air duct. A space of mm 18 in front and above the Boiler should be available. Schematic representation of the boiler with the hydraulic set connected to an optional hot buderuus tank with one or multiple zones including one pump and zone valves pressure relief valve pos. Are the baffles correctly located? Press “Night mode” to stop DHW heating. Before putting the boiler into operation read this manual carefully.