Wage Negotiation to start next week and will be continued till agreement is reached General Secretary, BSNLEU, Com. Namboodiri has. BSNL JTO JE estimated salary after 3rd pay revision the formation of 3rd Pay Revision Committee for the next pay revision in .. From the bsnleu website, it is known that the multiplication factor for new pay scale is BSNL EMPLOYEES UNION. Email: [email protected], website. Made it difficult for the BSNL employees to get wage revision from.

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The government of India had implemented the 7th Pay Commission committee report for the Central Government employees which will be effective from The Government of India already announced the formation of 3rd Pay Revision Committee for the next pay revision in Central Public-sector Enterprises employees. At the time of 2nd Pay revision committee formation government have instructed the PRC to keep in mind the 6th pay revision while making the recommendation for PSU employees.

Here is the calculation of fitment benefit in the case o partial fitment. If BSNL too extends lower fitment benefits i. However, the fitment benefits for both executives and non-executives are kept equal. Here are the expected new pay scales of non-executives after pay revision in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. What willt be my basic pay and ada how much should add for calculation of my new basic pay. I am bsnl recruite. I am a non executive employee. Will I get 3rd prc benifits?

I have heard that post recruites are not eligible for wage revision.

Expected salary of BSNL employees after 3rd PRC

In both cases, the rise in the salary amount remains similar. My father basic pension he retire form bsnl wate goverment or dot approve 7 cpc recomendations new approx pension. The matter is still pending with DoT. Sir,after approval of nwxt prc. Sir,My basic in My increment month is 1st January. What will be my basic ON 1. The profitability only depends on the performance of the Company, Minimum 2 years may require to become profitable.

Fitment benefit for the single PSU employees is always the same irrespective of their position or grade.

My father passed away while he was an employee and had 9 years left in his service. You can contact the administrative office of BSNL in your district or at the state level head office. She is also eligible for the dues applicable from Sir pls say what is my in hand salary before 3rd PRC. Then what is my in hand salary after impimentation of 3rd PRC. Is it possible that 3 rd prc implement till jan If so what will be my total pension after commutation.


If not what will be the total pension after commutation. Your pension salary after retirement would be 35, per month. I have already replied to your comment, her family pension amount after 3rd PRC would be 29, per month. Arrears will be calculated from Jan 17 on wards. My present pension is 31, what will be the pension after 3rd PRC implementation? Sir, My basic pay in is How much my net salary after 3rd PRC?

From the bsnleu website, it is known that the multiplication factor for new pay scale is 2.

You can contact Department of Telecommunication for more information about the latest status of 3rd pay revision in the BSNL. Your revised basic after 3rd Pay revision Committee report bssnleuchq will be 1,26, per month. Sir For fitment the basic on is taking. My increment comes on jan 1st. Then may I lose one increment??? Payrevision ofter vrs or opinions vrs scheme in. Sir, My father basic rupees is 10, and total gross salary how much be in hand after third prc. The revised basic pay your father from Please take the difference between the pre-revised and revised salary and add the all the bsnleuhq from January to August You will get the arrears details.

I am at present working as Sr Office Supdt. My total emolument is at present pm. What neext be my pension without commutation and after commutation?

Secondly after implementation of 3rd PRC what will be my gross salary? After 3rd PRC, the revised basic pay will be 76, The minimum pension salary will be 38, or more. Sir after 3prc jo nayi basic hogi usper hra alag se calculate hoga ya hra included hai nai basic mein?

HRA nfxt not included in the basic pay.

NFTE – BSNL, National Federation of Telecom Employees

So it will be an additional amount that the company will pay to employees provided that they not taking the accommodation facility from the organization. After the revision of pay scales in BSNL, the same will also be revised and adjusted amount will be given to you. Only after that 3rd order may be issued by DoT. This process may take many months or bsnlecuhq more than one year. Whereas the Patwari remain posted in the same district for most of the service time.

But due to the bsnleucq health of BSNL, the Pay revision implementation may take more than 2 to 3 of time from now. I hope these points will help you to decide the best one for you. Current in hand salary is 30k bsnleuxhq. What will be the salary in hand after 3 PRC, as you have mentioned in post basic will be 33, so inhand salary will wqge approximately 65k or lesser? Sir, My basic pay will be Rs.


What will be new basic after 3rd PRC. What will be the expected revised pay scale for NE? My possible my new basic new basic in NE w.

BSNL JTO/TTA salary after 3rd PRC 7th pay commision

My father basic pension after 3prc you told me around my father comuted pension comuted pension will be cut nfxt not. So you need to wait for the Cabinet approval. Thanks Sir for prompt valued advise. Considering my present basic of Rs.

Welcome to my blog…

In Oct my basic wii be Rs. My NEpromotion will due in oct When it is advisable to take VRS. Your advise will be highly valued. Hello Sir, my father working in bsnl telecom technician now he earned his basis pay Rsafter 7th pay how much he get? And when will be added? Sir, will the 3rd prc arrears from be paid to bsnl Pensioners. Then arrears will be in Lakhs for 24 months.

Sir i opted vrs inwith basic pay rs Thank u very much with anticipation of reply please. I AM redired on BSNL jao got new designation as deputy manager which was earlier e2 scale.

Will BSNL jao as deputy manager get pay scale of e2? After 3rd prc, what will salary in hand?? Sir my father working in BSNL designated as Telecom Technician now basic after the 3rd PRC how much it will increase and when we got new pay scale plz tell me the date sir. My pension basic pension Rs.

Sir I am mahendrabhai c patel I take bed 1 st April my basic was so my pension what amour after 3 rd prc. Hi, I joined bsnl in the year ,dec.

I just wanted to know can I take vrs now??? Your advice will be highly valued. Please read the JTO Salary https: The process of training as follows: Candidate will be called for training after completion of above three steps. Dear Sir This is Paravasthu from Andhra circle. And I am getting Rs. My basic pay is Rs. Some people are saying the promotions are very slow in BSNL and currently this organization is in huge losses And career growth is slower as nsnleuchq to SBI?? Kindly suggest what shall I do?