Python reticulatus, also known as the (Asiatic) reticulated python, is a species of python found in Southeast Asia. Adults can grow to m ( ft) in length but. Large snakes which can grow to almost 10 m, making them one of the largest snakes in the world. They are yellow or brown with rhomboidal dark markings. Python reticulatus is native to southeastern Asia and western Bangladesh to south eastern Vietnam and on the Indo-Pacific islands west of New Guinea.

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Reticulated Python, Broghammerus reticulatus formerly Python reticulatus The world’s longest snake. Formerly known as Python reticulatus.

Put another way, it is the world’s longest living snake species. There are reports of fossil snakes that may actually exceed the Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus as being the world’s longest snake ever.

While there are reputed Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus of over 10 metres, it is doubtful if any exist at the present time of that length.

Malayopython reticulatus | The Reptile Database

In fact no Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus of that size have ever been reliably reported that is any specimens of Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus lodged in Museums as bodies and the like. However the longest snake ever lodged in a Museum from a living animal is a Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus giving the species the title of the World’s longest snake.

The longest Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus known to science are in the vicinity of broghamemrus 8 metres or well under 30 feet in length.

There has been a reward for a 30 foot snake on offer in the USA for decades to try to find the World’s longest snake and it has never been claimed. Hence all claims for the world’s longest snake broghammerud exceeding 30 feet, including alleged news clips, must be treated as false.

Hence it remains entirely possible that in years past there may have been some Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus that may have in fact got to thirty or more feet or close to ten metres. Captive Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus are now bred in numerous places and there are numerous recognized races and formally named subspecies of Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus.

The natural range of the Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus is south-east Asia. Because it’s known as the World’s longest snake, the Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus is a sought after exhibit in zoos and private collections.


In fact bgoghammerus and private retciulatus worldwide keep Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus. There are reports of Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus killing people. Usually Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus kill people either when broghammfrus large Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus takes a baby in a rural setting or alternatively a keeper is attacked by a pet that confuses the owner with food.

For many years the Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus was referred to the snake genus Python, with which it is superficially similar. The obvious link being over-large size.

As no name existed for this taxon, the genus name Broghammerus was erected by Hoser to accommodate the Reticulated Python. The name Broghammerus is in tribute to a well-known German herpetologist named Stefan Broghammer.

In other words, it was somewhat unusual that it had taken so long for herpetologists to twig that something was wrong with the historical placement of these snakes in the genus Python.

The paper broghammeruz be found by doing a search of the internet if the linked text here doesn’t find the paper. They estimated a divergence of the Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus and the Burmese Pythons, known retculatus the type species for the genus Python as being about million years or perhaps even more.

For most well-known animals, a split of five to ten million years is enough to justify the erection of a new genus e. Pan and Homo have an estimated 4.

Notwithstanding this differential, even at the shorter more conservative divergence times, the classification of the pythons into the named coloured text in image below genus groups, becomes the only logical, consistent and sensible option. Notable is that the genus Lenhoserus for the Boelen’s Python is more secure than better known and more widely used generic names for species groups including, those for the Aspidites and Liasis splits, or the Morelia and Antaresia group splits.

That forum thread is archived here.

Reticulated python

The 22 May Wikipedia webpage can be found by clicking here. The most recent edit history for the page as of 22 May is seen by clicking here. And the previous edit history is shown by clicking here.

Creationism and contrived science: A review of recent python systematics papers and the resolution of issues of taxonomy and nomenclature. That paper is also published on the internet see linked text and worth reading in full by anyone with a serious interest in python systematics.


Other than the nominate race for Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus. There are several recognized subspecies of Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus.

For details of these and other material, refer brogahmmerus the material below the phylogeny diagram below that is adapted from that first published by Rawlings et.

Broghammerus reticulatus jampeanusAuliya et al.

Broghammerus reticulatus saputraiAuliya et al. Broghammerus reticulatus mandella Hoser which is a Reticulated Python from Halmahera, Indonesia.

Contrary statements by the misfits named above are demonstrably false. However fortunately for Hoser, the vroghammerus of Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus named by Auliya et al. It is widely known that there probably remain several undescribed subspecies of Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus and it is only a matter of time before a major revision of the Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus borghammerus gives a more accurate representation of the various populations of these snakes with one another.

A separate study published in based on newly available means to access DNA from specimens, confirmed long-held suspicions that the Phillippines and Halmahera specimens were indeed sufficiently divergent as to be recognized as full species. This means they should be properly named as Broghammerus neilsonnemani Hoser, and Broghammerus mandella Hoser, Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus do well in captivity, breed prolifically and live for reticjlatus.

Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus are expensive when rare mutants, but prices invariably drop as more are bred. It is illegal to use tongs to handle Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus broghamerus most jurisdictions. Australasian Journal of Herpetology 2 A reclassification of the pythoninae including the descriptions of two new genera, two new species and nine new subspecies.

This is the paper naming the Reticulated Python genus Broghammerus. Other links of interest: Herpetology papers website at: Rattlesnakes reclassified rboghammerus This webpage with accurate information about feticulatus Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatusthe world’s longest snake is by Snakebusters, Australia’s reptile experts.

Copyright Snakeman Raymond Hoser. All rights reserved World’s longest snake, world’s longest snake, Reticulated Python Broghammerus reticulatus formerly Python reticulatus.