Support for both variants of DIN letter layout Draft .. DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. das in der DIN Norm (Entwurf Mai ) festgelegte Layout um. Der Betreff . DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. \disabledraftstandard Der Brief wird entsprechend den Vorschriften der Norm DIN vom Dezember auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben.

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The new DIN draft has a big disadvantage. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version |

To prevent the rule from colliding with the footnote we first add a little negative vertical skip, then we put the rule and make sure we end up at the same point where we begun this operation. Therefore, we have to define them manually. No features of are currently used.

All dimens starting with ltf XXX hold values for the first page and all dimens starting with lts Briefbogfn hold values for the second and follwing pages. Of course, most of the macros are explained in English. These commands work in text mode and in math mode. Zusammenfassung der Dinbrief-Befehle Teil 2: The equation counter will be typeset using arabic numbers. We made this macro long.


Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version

The third argument is the name of a control sequece. Anschriftenfeld Die Angaben im Anschriftenfeld werden auf folgende Brjefbogen gegliedert: This should work from the year up to Again the default is used.

Problem to be solved before this pagestyle can be introduced: The option code is executed after the other class commands since the lengths used are introduced later on. For dib option BAR he typed, which is not declared, the option is assumed to be a global option.

Definition eines Briefkopfs 16 3. Macros for splitting the receivers address replaced with a more flexible and more user friendly method. So the first page gets the same layout in the rin as the other pages.

Die Angabe der Option addressstd kann unterbleiben, da sie ohnehin voreingestellt ist. To control the generation of labels for single letters, we provide three other commands. So we have to add some extra space to this box. STY in text format, as of June 16, brefbogen, and letter. Each letters then starts on a new sheet on a two-sided printer. An example of what can be achieved is given by the following piece of TEX code. First we switch to a special pagestyle. So we provide here a hook psfirstpagehook and the user can complete this pagestyle if he wishes simply by doing: In this document class we use a simpler macro, in which the footnote text is set like an ordinary text paragraph, with no indentation except on the first line of a paragraph, and the first line of the footnote.


For example if you have a two-sided printer, and you write two letters the first one having an odd number of pages. We use this to move the start of the first page of a letter 12 mm up.

This may also be true also for NFSS1. Therefore all control sequences in the expanded macro which should not be expanded should be protected.

Normally, labels are printed on special paper, but some printers are able to print on envelopes. Betreff und Teilbetreff Betreff und Teilbetreff sind stichwortartige Inhaltsangaben. KB Page offsets corrected. Die verwendeten Befehle sind in dieser Dokumentation beschrieben.