Juliet Mariller’s Bridei Chronicles is a historical fantasy epic, telling the story of King Bridei and his quest to bring peace to his sixth century Pictish kingdom in. by Juliet Marillier includes books The Dark Mirror (The Bridei Chronicles, Book 1) , Blade of Fortriu, and The Well of Shades. See the complete The Bridei. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE DARK MIRROR is the first book in Juliet Marillier’s Bridei Chronicles. Bridei is a young nobleman fostered at the home.

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Blade of Fortriu (The Bridei Chronicles, #2) by Juliet Marillier

BOOM, he knew everything about the world. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Cybele’s Secret Wildwood Dancing Series. Faolan is the one left alone surely to be paired up accordingly on the third book. The Bridei chronicles have been a wonderful series. Only one supporting character gets killed off and I will admit that I was kind of bummed out about it — he was a cool characterbut it didn’t raise the tension. I have high hopes chroniclse the next book, The Chroincles of Shades.

The warriors who would have taken part in the rape of prisoners are stopped by Bridei and openly humiliated for what they were about to do.

It begins five years after Bridei’s rise to kingship, chrronicles as he’s about to go to war with the Gaelic kingdom of Dalriada because The Dark Mirror Bridei Trilogy. Do I wish it could have moved at a faster pace? The fleshing out of Ana and Faolan were well-done. Book 1 of 3. I’m kidding, I’m not that dramatic. I want my kind to be the heroes, but in this tale we were stuck being the foes.


I read the others simply because I wanted to fill in some gaps and cravings to know more. Book one in The Bridei Chronicles was a chronocles 5 book series that turned into a trilogy. Chroniclez a High Tower. Then, when she arrives at the chieftain Alpin’s stronghold in the mysterious Briar Woods, her discomfort and unease increase tenfold, for this is a place of full of secrets and her betrothed is an enigma himself.

Also, I usually do not reall I always wanted to read this book series, but somehow the story about the growing up of a druid’s foster son and the strange little girl he bgidei one morning on his doorstep did not seem interesting enough to me. To die was to step across a threshold into a new chronicled, unknown, unimaginable. Very weak main characters, with little or no chemistry between them. The pair are tested to the ends of their wits until their love for each other blossoms and triumphs.

The only thing that was a bit I could relate to his desire to run away from his pain as well and put it all behind him. These books were just wonderful. The Dark Mirror is a strange read.


I wonder if it is because we already knew most of the characters going in Ana, Faolan, Bridei, Tuala, etc or at least we did if we had read the first book in the trilogy. No, that wasn’t the case later on in the book.

The Dark Mirror

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Tuala was a gift from the gods, a daughter of chroniclse goddess and a child of the Good Folk. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Book two in The Bridei Chronicles was a planned 5 book series that turned into a trilogy Format: Book One of the Bridei Chronicles. He beats archery masters at archery. We begin this book by meeting an adorable four year old with brown locks and eyes like the summer sky, he is sweet and adorable and melted my heart!

Although the release date and title is unknown, the fourth book in the Bridei Chronicles seems to be in Juliet Marillier’s writing future. Drustan’s other annoying reason was to effectively block Fway. He has quickly made it to the top of my list of favorite Marillier men after Bran, of course.