Moins que zéro by Bret Easton Ellis at – ISBN – ISBN – Robert Laffont – – Softcover. En attendant la sortie du prochain Ellis, annoncé comme une suite de Moins que Zéro, relecture de ce chef-d’oeuvre des 80’s, qui me fit. Il ne reste plus que 6 exemplaire(s) en stock (d’autres exemplaires sont en . Cet article:Less Than Zero par Bret Easton Ellis Broché EUR 10,89 . Zero (Picador Classic Book 97) (English Edition) sur votre Kindle en moins d’une minute.

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He is considered to be one of the major Generation X authors and was regarded as one of the so-called literary Brat Pack, which also included Tama Janowitz and Jay McInerney. I don’t want to bother listing the events that repulse Clay with increasing intensity, but there is one example that I found particularly jarring; Clay’s friend takes them to see a dead elkis.

Moins que zéro

It’s enough for me to hear that he did. But the most awful part of this novel? Anyway, don’t believe the hype. And with my hand on my forehead I look up with caution at the poster encased in glass that hangs on the wall above my bed, but it hasn’t changed either.

Ellis does not use his characters’ depravity as a crutch. Christian Rummel does a fantastic job with the audiobook. I found all other characters in the book to be insufferable and I only feel revulsion towards the whole lot of them. Nothing else seems to matter to me but those ten words.

The adult BEE has actually been through therapy; America has changed, he no longer has to be coy about his sexuality. It’s definitely not for the lighthearted, though. Another story, another nightmare, and less captivating.

Valley Ridge Dreamers project. It was nothing like I had ever read before, and I just pushed it into the back of my mind and let it simmer joins there. Los Angeles, city of the soulless.

Having really enjoyed “American Psycho” both in the theater and on paper I figured I’d give Easton another shot. Ultimately, this was a well-written and interesting look at privilege and soullessness during a notoriously egocentric decade.


Not the stain on the arm of the wrinkled, damp shirt I wear, a shirt which looked fresh and clean this morning. Meno di zero racconta di gente che ha paura eastno buttarsi.

LIVRE : Moins que Zéro (Less than Zero) de Bret Easton Ellis – – Shangols

The ending is properly shocking. The characters are shallow and ugly. The air conditioner is on and the house smells like pine. BEE is on the cusp of post-adolescence here. Less Than Zero 2 books.

Want to Read saving…. La serie televisiva True Moibs infatti, piaccia o meno non ha importanza, racconta della zeroo dei diseredati di quel territorio, dei barboni e dei disperati, scoperchiando un mondo al quale nessuno aveva dato voce. It makes you want to read more, as tired as that may sound. And it rings true. It seems easier to hear that people are afraid to merge rather than “I’m pretty sure Muriel is anorexic” or the singer on the radio crying out about magnetic waves. If I care about things, it’ll just be worse, it’ll just be another thing to worry about.

Zerl comes home for Christmas hret from his Eastern college and re-enters a landscape of limitless privilege and absolute moral entropy, where everyone drives Porches, dines at Spago, and snorts mountains of cocaine. But I don’t believe you can use a criticism of that to make an apples-to-apples comparison to other books that do have faster-moving plots; you have to suspend all that with a book like this.

The brer are shallow; their friendships are shallow; their lives are shallow. Pressappoco nello stesso momento anche la letteratura, reduce da un lungo periodo di trasformazione che ha zdro prima la nascita del modernismo e poi del post-modernismo, si trovava ad un punto di svolta.

But when something DOES happen, it appears all the more disturbing when set against the back drop of a culture devoid of human emotion. The difference is though, I would argue that Holden from Catcher already had firm convictions about the society he lived in, whereas Clay continues to find himself increasingly uncomfortable in a sub-culture that he still readily participates in.


The walls are still white; the records are still in place; the zeto hasn’t been moved; the venetian blinds are still open, just as I had left them. Maybe because I could relate to certain parts of Carrie. I think this one had a stronger emotional punch for me, though I didn’t like it as much.

Indeed, much of the real This book gets a bad rap for a lot of reasons.

Ecco dunque che il tipico abitante di Los Angeles si trova a passare zreo maggior parte del proprio tempo libero sulle strade. And Bret Easton Ellis retains masterful control over the tone and moisn — an especially impressive feat easotn his youth at the time of its initial release. Alternative cover for Less Than Zero. Het zelfde gevoel als je je hotel kamer opruimt als je vertrekt na een vakantie waarin je veel beleeft hebt. It is a fast, tight read. The protagonist, Clay, comes back to California from his New Hampshire college for summer break.

As far as I can tell, Less Than Zero remains the consummate characterization of the modern superfluous man. Return to Book Page. Like I said I don’t want to ruin anything, but this strikes me as a turning point for our narrator.

LIVRE : Moins que Zéro (Less than Zero) de Bret Easton Ellis – 1983

I often found myself laughing in agreement, as many easotn the chapters in the book could be describing the night life and drug culture at my university, albeit without references to Duran Duran and land line telephones.

Clay can’t believe so many people are just standing there not caring, and his night only gets worse and more shocking from there. Either way, it paints a pretty grim and sad portrait of the city. The narration kept me from putting the book down as a jumble of shocking scenes meant only for shock value.