Much like Breedbook Rokea, Breedbook Mokole was printed to shovel crap out into the market for White Wolf’s second edition. It was printed in. Home · Documents; WtA – Breedbook Mokole of the Tribes Vol 2. api WtA – Breedbook Bastet. api WtA – Silver Fangs. Mokolé is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse concerning the ancient were-lizards called Mokolé. It is the sixth of the breedbook series, focusing on.

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This is certainly compelling, but it just makes me fucking wish that WW had better writers, again, because the Corax should have been Gaia’s spies and her memory, because they could have focused on norse myth and have corax descended from Huninn and Muninn, Odin’s ravens.

WtA – Breedbook Mokole

I beedbook appreciated the strong focus on Australian Aboriginal culture which permeates much of this book. You should gain sanity for finding out that the problems of a region are because there are fucking monsters there. As naturally, the book opens with a comic adventure telling of the Garou Peter Ward’s quest to Australia to meet with the Mokole themselves and learn of his heritage.

The Masquerade — Bloodlines Vampire: Display posts from previous: The book then gives the typical introduction, lexicon of terms and an explanation of what it is to embody the dragons, dinosaurs and brerdbook serpents of the past through your Rage. The book closes out nicely with details on RL crocodilians, monitors and gila monsters, the hatred for vampires particularly SetitesMnesis spirits, the Dragon Kings, prehistoric birds and marsupials that once served as Mokole kin, and stories set in mokols final days or the War of Rage.

This article needs to be updated. Dragons in our Midst” with the description “An introduction to the Dragon Breed.

List of Werewolf: The Apocalypse books – Wikipedia

Learn more breedbookk Amazon Prime. Changing Breed Book 2 Werewolf – the Apocalypse. The Mokole are probably my favorite Fera, and this book is invaluable for playing them. Reading about a cockroach breed with culinary name is so Mokole is a book about and how to play a were-alligator, were-crocodile, were-moniter lizards, were-gila monsters, were-caiman, and most importantly From there it goes on to a great history, telling of the Mokole’s creation and the reptilian civilizations of prehistoric times.


Imagine coming home to this, but no one is waiting on the bed at the end. They could have done better covers. I don’t remember the details, but aren’t these breeds meant to be perversion of ‘good’ breeds? The natives are mokole, except the woman leading them who is kin.

But here’s why I call Mokole weird fuckers. Only the Makara of India is restricted to a specific sort of animal form called Suchidbut it’s still “choose a crocodilian native to India” rather than telling you that you specifically turn into a gavial. Only ratkin could do promotion via infection. English Choose a language for shopping. This book completes my collection of the Changing Breeds.

The Masquerade — Redemption. The resolution of the story’s breedbolk makes no sense, is silly, and completely misrepresents the Red Talons. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Werewolf The Apocalypse RPG Mokole Changing Breed Book 6 WW3081

It provides great information about their history, their place in the world of darkness, and tons of options on how to customize your character.

And I’ll get into specifics when I get to the right chapter, but one mokole might turn into a scaly person with a giant crest, and another might turn into literally Godzilla. And, ironically, made decent hackers. Details on the Wars of Rage and the War of Shame are given, along with lost Fera were-bulls, boars and bats known only to the Mokole.

I guess this is a continuation of the comic, since the protagonist werewolf is named Peter in both. If you want to look like a big lizard, godzilla, dinosaur, sea serpent, fire breathing dragon, or oriental dragon.

In the following chapter, we are given a look at useful information on Mokole breeding, Mnesis their racial memorythe “Innocents” ghosts of dead metiscamps and relationships with the Nagah were-snakes. Imagine that for a second. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Except for that, this is a totally awesome book.

Bastet are werecats, and while there are different tribes that turn into different kinds of cats, they are all breedbokk, and two members of the same tribe turn into the same kind of cat. A comprehensive list of Werewolf: Mokole are like most of the changing breeds, ie, animal-raping fucks.

  CERFA 2735 PDF

WtA – Breedbook Mokole

Ananasi break this slightly, with a form that combines what would be glabro and crinos, and is customizeable to some extent, but will have broadly the same traits from one to another, and an animal form that is a mass of spiders that can mix types, but ultimately does the same stuff from one member of the breed to another. The book includes details on the werecrocodiles’ society, details about the four major tribes that populate the hot portions of the world. My Favorite Changing Breed Book.

The comic is much like the Rokea comic, with the exception that the people who get attacked by mokole in beast mode are basic humans who have gold bullets mokole are linked to the Sun rather than the Moon, and so are weak to Goldnot garou in a dinghy.

The are very different in feel and function from the Garou, and should provide many new opportunites for players and STs. Now I really want to explore that. The book focuses most on the Australian Aboriginal culture of the Gumagan tribe, although it also describes the other tribes and their cultures.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. I’ll let you breecbook when I get back home, Count. Hell, it could even go into the ancient history of the WoD and talk about the rise of the corax and the mammal fera and what was going on exactly.

Tue Feb 23, 1: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Every Breedbook includes the Breed’s version of the history of the world and their part in it, but the Mokole’s story of history spans million years!

Call to Battle was intended as first of a series about the main character as written on the coverbut no follow-up was published.