Break. Ossa rotte: Hannah Moskowitz: Books – Break has ratings and reviews. Clair said: The premise for Break both horrified and fascinated me when I decided to finally check out Hannah Mo. Preview and download books by Hannah Moskowitz, including Break, A History of Break – Ossa rotte Hannah Moskowitz, Marco Impossible (Unabridged). 1.

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We can lift weights for fucking hours and we’re still going to die. The search for immortality isn’t just from storybooks. Near the end, however, the story began to feel breka little fuzzy, almost dream-like and unrealistic. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Rorte is on a mission to break every bone in his body, because everyone issa that broken bones heal back stronger and he needs to be strong.

Dec 17, Nicole rated it did not like it. There’s a baby who cries incessantly and his mindlessly religious parents are quick to lash out verbally at one a BREAK is a story about a family, each of is broken brfak very different ways. It was a strange reason and didn’t entirely make sense to me. He has one brother who is allergic to everything, a baby brother who doesn’t stop crying literallyparents who seem to be hanging on by a string, and friends who have no idea why he is doing wha This book knocked my socks off.

He casually insults people, refuses to go the whole hog with his sort-of girlfriend because spending too much time with her is ‘too relationship-y’and paints his parents as useless, irresponsible, and treats any other authority like dirt on the end of his shoe.

I’m also having a hard time believing that security at a psychiatric retreat would just be one door with a coded lock. So I didn’t understand why she suddenly went for Jesse. Books by Hannah Moskowitz. The back cover says it: I found it interesting that Meskowitz thanked Chuck Palahniuk for his inspiration in her acknowledgements because Break is very inventive and outside of the box like Chuck.


I know it’s supposed to be ironic that Jonah believes breaking his bones makes him stronger, when it actually makes everything worse for him. The worse you’re hurt, the stronger you get. When she tries to “encourage” him to continue to try to break all his bones, and even tries to pressure him into it? Was this all in Jonas’ head? See Gone, Gone, Gone or Teeth. In a past review I decided Jay Bell’s middle name was “Fuck yeah, bitch! But you can’t help but be invested in his story the minute you read the first page.

Feb 01, Tom Franklin rated it really liked it. I know the pain that comes with it. But she’s obviously observant and insightful, and is only limited by her own experience. If this book isn’t proof that teenagers are fucking amazing, I don’t know what is. At one point, while venturing to the kitchen, I actually worried that there would be milk spilled somewhere. In fact, all of the younger characters in this book are very real.

Hannah Moskowitz

She Hannah Moskowitz wrote her first osaa, about a kitten named Lilly on the run from cat hunters, for a contest when she was seven years old. It’s touching, it is. But his friend Naomi? He talks about how he makes out with her and really likes her, but he’s not ready to commit, and she’s hardly in osea story once she tells the principal and school counsellor about Jonah’s tendencies.

I’ve also broken my femur, albeit mildly, after being run over by a car, and I’ve had a slight limp in my right leg ever since.

Good chance of dying young kind of allergic. He’s whiny and annoying, sure, but you’re still invested in why he’s so adamant that he must break his bones in order to escape moskowittz hectic family and interpersonal life.

I’d go insane, I truly would. I’ve lived in a country with socialised healthcare all my life, and never had to pay a penny for hospital or clinic visits. It’s like a werewolf broke into my house and smashed the shit out of everything and then bought me dinner because GODDAMN, this book so owns my face now. She lives in Maryland with several cats, none of whom are violent. This first example of her talents promises a long career of smart, excoriated fiction that sucks the reader in and holds them by mosowitz throat for the duration of the story.


This is a thought provoking book. It stole my heart. Jesse has allergies, Jonah freaks out and babies him.

Hannah Moskowitz on Apple Books

She is This book is really really hard to rate. One thing that I took away from this story was the devotion the brothers had for each other. He always puts everyone else in his life first, and he is just so loving.

Jul 04, Megan rated it really rtote it. That said, the book is still worth reading. My parents are baffled. PLUS the wants and direction of the characters are clear and no one is all “I gotsa go to prom!

Some may be offended by the excessively obscene languagebut I think it amazingly fits the story so well that it wouldn’t be the same without it. Or that he’d be thrown into isolation so easily.

Break by Hannah Moskowitz

BREAK is a story about a family, each of is broken in very different ways. It frightens me to think that if by some chance I had not received an arc of Invincible Summer, I would’ve never discovered Hannah’s awesomeness!

Hananh is on a mission to break every bone in his body. It had a great premise, overall the writing was exceptional as well as the characters, but the ending was a little lackluster.