Brahmastra was a weapon used by the ancient Hindus in war. It is very powerful and it can not be countered. There are two more Astras of this. Shri Baglamukhi Brahmastra Mala Mantra(श्री बगलामुखी ब्रह्मास्त्र माला मंत्र). Uploaded by Gurudev Shri Raj Verma ji. For Mantra diksha. As described in a number of the Puranas, Brahmastra is considered to be This astra can be invoked by using sacred mantras into any object.

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Brahmastra – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Anonymous August 3, at 1: So there is very little supernatural power available to the demons now. A Line That Inspires You. Views Read Brajmastra View history. However, when dealing with hostile and violent opponents brzhmastra completely different response is required.

After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected…to escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.

These are very potent mantras which require one’s spiritual energy to be of high standard before one even possesses them. We Respect Your Privacy! After that he completely immersed in brahma jnana and started realizing the ultimate self.

Please share the mantra once, i feel the actualization. The mind needs to calm. Generally Krishna comes to brhamastra the demons and protect the devotees.

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Why can’t they freely donate curses to anyone whom they see as brahamstra In the case of Brahmastra, when a person is trained how to chant Gayatri mantra for Missile purpose, a person has to gain siddhi on it, and when he acquires it, he gets energized.


Could you chant evil spirits that might bring death in such a way? Narada advised him to offer a target for it and Aswathama offered his Precious jewel on this head.

Brahmastra Invocation Mantra Other Astras. – Ramani’s blog

First manrra all many many thanks for this lovely article, However, I want to know how can we attain the same astra shastras used in those days. The best thing is to chant Hare Krishna and be happy! In kaliyuga disciples can make Vishnu happy only by ‘namasmaran’.

Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula November 26, at The Brahmastra never missed its mark and had to be used with very specific intent against an individual enemy or army to uphold the dharma, as the target would face complete annihilation.

Over time, the mantra process begins to override all of the other smaller vibrations, which eventually become absorbed by the mantra.

It is just like the modern scientists and their nuclear bombs. Daadidaanthaancha saavitreem vipareetam japeth sudhee: At the right frequencies and durations, whole populations could be controlled by ELF, or even killed. This, at the present moment this warfare is carried on gross weapons. That being said, we must all fight for our own lives daily with the most powerful mantra that exist: But getting them to actually work would manrta qualifications that we do not have in Kali-yuga… Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!


How could I get access to it? Concentrating on the steady breathing, as in hatha-yoga, is a means of leveling and harmonizing the electrical impulses of the body and the beating of the heart.

With that energy when he releases even a grass blade by chanting that Gayatri mantra it turns into Brahma Missille due to his own charged energy and the missile inturn derives it’s power from Lord Brahma.

So there is stillyears to go. Whole populations could be killed indiscriminately from radio frequencies transmitted from the other side of the globe without damaging anything else. Add to Spiritual Diary. Even the sages of Japan, Honen and Ippen, stated that the quickest brahmqstra to self realization was chanting the name of God; Amitabha Buddha.

Weapons in Hindu mythology. Hare krishna swamiji…You are right that in kaliyug one has to chant God name to attain moksha. And brahmasyra this position we will experience full knowledge, unlimited, every-increasing spiritual bliss and we will by in our original, eternally youthful spiritual forms… Mantrs nice.