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BOUML is a UML 2 tool box that allows you to specify and generate code in UML models can be exported to HTML pages, including PNG or SVG graphics. Popular Alternatives to BOUML for Windows, Linux, Mac, Web, Android and user interface: draw UML diagrams fast, export diagrams to eps, pdf, jpg, svg. Hi, today I tried bouml-ng and douml. bouml-ng crashed with my model and there was What I am missing is the orginal import and export features from bouml 4.

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Currently I am in the same situation. Retrieved 31 May Contrary to the non diagram items, a double click on a diagram show it:.

I developed a complex part of a system and I dxport to visualise it for my colleague. For that we have first to create a class viewand why not we don’t want to place it directly in the project package. By using expott site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Group Selection and Movement: If you do that you have an other error because BOUML doesn’t know where the files must be generated, the artifacts gives their names not their path! Each line of the specified file must contain:.

To solve this problem you must compile QT3 with the option -no-xft. Hi, I am the author of Bouml, I periodically use google to search for remarks concerning Bouml, and I find your rating Of course I will not try to change your feeling on the ex;ort, just to add few technical details: I’d recommend adding ArgoUML to your benchmark tests. Doing that this allows you to import this project as a library.

Because of the default visibility set through the class settings the attribute is protected and the class is public.

However in the normal case the goal of an actor is not to be used to generate code, and in the generation settings the stereotype actor at class level is translated to ignored in the target languages. Stephen, yeah I noticed that too!


Click on the button which icon is a class and click somewhere in the diagram it is also possible to create the class using the class view menu in the browsername the class C1. The boump of the operations proposed in a list now contain the container classes of the referenced nested classes.

To Change the format of a diagram, call its menu from the diagram sub-window and choose the format the menu of the diagram in the browser doesn’t allow to do that.

To define use cases we need to have a use case viewso we choose new use case view:.

I’ve updated some other information in the review as well. Closing then re-opening the diagram the window size and the scale are boumo by default. Some files like ‘.

BOUML – Wikipedia

To get all the elements even the non visible ones because of the current size of the sub windows, choose the entry save optimal picture part cvg. Now try to add a dependency from Transfer funds to Card identification: The second way is better to associate several classes: Perhaps you had seen the class menu entry Generatetry to generate the code for C1: So, to show the same objet with different states in an activity diagram you have to duplicate the object and to set the state on each use.

Does not visualize dependencies, only inheritance. When QT3 opens a font, the font size is wrong, and the message couldn’t open fontconfigs chosen font with Xft is written on the console.

Nice job with backwards compatibility, Mr. So, we change the color of the use cases to blue at the project level, now all are blue. Situation I want to visualise a communication between already existing components to a colleague. The visible part is the part of the diagram which appears depending on the diagram sub-window’s scrollbars position. Anyway, after some painful hour of work I was only able to generate unrelated boxes and had to use additional program to link relations.

Obviously the respective sizes of the sub-windows may be changed, placing the mouse on the separation between them. Now, I’ve drawn my diagrams in a variety of tools in the past, ranging from the hi.


After your comment, I tried to import my entire project. BOUML claims to generate code in multiple languages. The reverse doesn’t make diagrams This is the expected behavior: The declaration is empty! It is not possible to know you have a multiple screen configuration, but this case is managed by Bouml: Due to the continuous license violations, attacks and insults from people of wikipedia [ These limits are taken into account only for the initial size and position of the BOUML’s windows and when a dialog is opened, after that you are able to go out of these limits up to the true desktop limits.

When you don’t know how to do to have a desired generated code, the better is probably to write a part of this code by hand in file sand to do a reverse in a new and empty project to not pollute he current one and to look at the result.

Each time you edited a dependency between a class and a package, import was again added in the proposed list of stereotypes. Display comments as Linear Threaded. Obviously this default definition may be changed through the generation settings or just for this relation. The benchmarks look really impressive. The dashed lines show the limits of the diagram canvas sizeyou can see something placed outside these lines.

Bouml – Tutorial

Add new elements in the diagram like this edit the dependency to set the stereotype include:. No GUI though, but not that big of bkuml deal. This was particularly frustrating when I moved things I had accidentally selected. I downloaded the sources from the arakhne repository and built it on my own aptitude update, aptitude build-dep bouml, apt-get -b source bouml, wait.

Edit the class and set the stereotype to typedef: They work with -exec. The colors and other drawing characteristics may be changed setting the drawing settings.