Have you ever wondered why China and Taiwan use two different forms of Mandarin? What is the difference between Pinyin and Zhuyin?. Using the Windows 10 MS Bopomofo or MS Pinyin keyboards for Hanyu Pinyin input of Traditional Chinese. When you’re learning Chinese in school or university, you will most likely first learn some form of Pinyin for a period of time before progressing.

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TaiwaneseAmoy and related.

Chinese Romanization Converter

You can jump to those instructions via this link so you don’t have to scroll down. Missing, broken, and just plain lame Chinese features. Wenchang dialect Hainanese Transliteration Scheme.

This will open the classic control panel. Hopefully this switch will become available for Simplified after a future update, but Traditional is not likely to ;inyin.

There is no right or wrong way to learn Mandarin. I would love to learn it, simply because I enjoy writing characters over letters and words. I refuse to even type the camel case they use there Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

In elementary school, particularly in the lower years, Chinese characters in textbooks are often bopokofo with Zhuyin as ruby characters pnyin an aid to learning. Then click the “OK” button, and you’re done! If you do not see that button, right-click on the taskbar or on a touch screen, long-press and releaseand in the menu that pops up, select “Show touch keyboard button”: CE Devanagari 10 c. October 16, at CE Gothic 3 c. Zhuyin King is still in an alpha state.


But what is Pinyin? The one area I believe zhuyin has a clear advantage, though, lies is learning how to read characters. BCE Syriac 2 c.

October 22, at 4: If it gets people reading books books from Taiwan, though, that would be pknyin Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Is this a very popular method in Taiwan? I will forward this hyperlink to my friends. China has developed a significant movie industry over the last decade, and has internally a large music industry — but does anyone other than Chinese living outside of China actually know this? BCE Tifinagh Paleohispanic semi-syllabic bopmoofo c.

I’m hoping that link will be there for you, or will appear after the next big IME update, so I went ahead and posted this info. Archived from the plnyin on Zhuyin and Pinyin are both acceptable ways for a Chinese as a second language learner to learn how to pronounce Chinese.

In Taiwan, Bopomofo is used to teach Taiwanese Hokkienand is also used to transcribe it phonetically in contexts such as on storefront signs, karaoke lyrics, and film subtitles. Books from pre-school all the way through middle school are annotated with Zhuyin.

Guestblog: Understanding The Difference Between Pinyin and Zhuyin – Hutong School

CE derived from Brahmi numerals. BCE Demotic 7 c. Mei-Mei, Bopomofk think it comes down to the learner, and what suits them better. Compare semi-cursive form and seal-script.

The Case for Zhuyin

Bopomogo like your post. Also go ahead and pnyin it if you’re not worried about these encoding issues at all. They do an equally good job with Mandarin phonics. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode characters.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of either? However, this is mostly for the benefit of foreigners, since native Mandarin speakers in Taiwan continue to use Zhuyin to teach children and to type Chinese electronically. On the next panel that appears, scroll down if necessary and find “Microsoft Bopomofo”, select it to reveal those buttons, and click “Options” there too: A draft was released on July 11,by the Republic of China National Ministry of Education, but it was not officially proclaimed until November 23, This is not as obvious in Pinyin: There are flashcard apps out there for both iOS and Android that will teach you Zhuyin.

Which system did you learn when starting out learning Chinese? BCE Nabataean 2 c.

I did this largely because learning all of the symbols in Zhuyin seemed like a lot of extra mental effort when I was already so busy trying to learn characters. Zhuyin can be more efficient for typing if you have the correct software!