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Melissa de la Cruz is back with THE VAN ALEN LEGACY, her fourth Blue Bloods novel. Taking place under a New York City backdrop, the. I’m releasing the first chapter of the Van Alen Legacy here now, instead of in August. Blue Bloods: The Van Alen Legacy By Melissa de la Cruz. The Van Alen Legacy (a Blue Bloods Novel) by Melissa de La Cruz, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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As a reader, I got everything I wanted, plus many amazing things I never would have thought to ask for. In the past, Gabrielle Allegra could only perform the trial, but Schuyler has inherited her mother’s ability. Schuyler attends the ball with the hopes of seeing Jack Force, her forbidden crush, but he barely acknowledges her.

Blue Bloods (novel series) – Wikipedia

bloos Her bondmate, Salgiel, was lost during the Great War in Rome. I stand by what I said last time, I’m in it for the plot. We use cookies to aleb you the best possible experience. Mimi still has every intention of making Jack pay for breaking their bond, but she first wants to rescue Kingsley Martin. Do not waste your tears.


Emmortals Vampires who do not rest and reincarnate between cycles, and keep the same physical form over many centuries.

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Mimi has trapsed acrossed the globe, searching for the watcher with her venator team, lead by the very one who nearly caused her death, Kingsley Martin.

Are you reading the same book as I am reading?

Bondmates must renew their sacred bond during each cycle with a ceremony, normally happening at twenty-one years of age after they have come into their full powers and memories of their past lives. More than a year has passed since the battle in Rio de Janeiro. I enjoyed this enough to push it to 4 stars, but I’d really like to give it 3.

The Van Alen Legacy (a Blue Bloods Novel)

The Conclave covers up the secrets of the video by making the public believe that it is a new movie trailer, and assign certain members to work on production. Search the Site Search for: She could not risk losing Jack forever.

Why must de la Cruz kill off somewhat decent characters? The school also educates Human Conduits, as well as Red Bloods who are there on scholarship, some of whom serve as Human Familiars.

Portion of the book was given to Bliss and Mimi. Allegra is a tart! She hoped the slow-moving crowds would make it easier to spot their pursuers.


Return to the Isle of the Lost. When Blue Bloods are reincarnated, their body lives for one cycle then dies like any other human body, but their DNA is kept safe until they are called upon again.

It’s been forever since I read the last one. See what I mean? Blade of Justice Michael’s sword. I did feel like a lot of what happened, happened too conveniently, too much like wish fulfillment for all of the characters, tied tbe way too nicely.

You cannot choose between us.

She squeezed his hand, intertwined her fingers around his. I believe Schuyler will bring us the salvation we seek. His death was confirmed by Dr. Her “bondmate” is Charles Force, but she forsook her bond with him to be with her “human familiar”, Stephen Chase.

The main character of the series, she must help solve the mystery of the Blue Bloods slayings, and the existence of their ancient rivals, the Silver Bloods.

And only the cunning Mimi seems to be happily engaged.