At airtel, we strive to deliver only the best to our clients and achieve better year- on-year growth. Get quarterly and annual result reports. A world of Bharti Airtel Limited Annual Report friendships; Page 2. Vision By airtel will be the most loved brand, enriching the lives of millions. BHARTI INFRATEL LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT C. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Bharti Infratel has been a part of the noble cause by.

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Airtel Annual Report Download

Amortised cost is calculated by taking into account any discount or premium on acquisition and fee or Do any other entity September 26, and ceased to be member w. Page Summary reort the Segmental Information as of and for the year ended March 31, is as follows: This will result in Expected Rate in increase in Compensation levels Expected Rate of Return on Plan Assets Expected Average remaining working lives of employees years The expected rate of return on the plan assets is based on the average long-term rate of Bharti Airtel Services B.

Consolidated Financial Statements Page Other senior management members are also invited to the committee meetings to present reports on the items being discussed at the meeting.


For the year ended March aiftel, For the year ended March 31,27, During aairtel yearBharti Airtel has Adjustments are made where necessary to bring the accounting policies in line with those of the Group.

The volatility of the options is based on the historical volatility of the share price since the Group’s equity shares became publicly traded. Building includes building on leashold land: Kapoor under ESOP scheme and Credit Risk Credit risk is the risk that a counter party will airtle meet its Whistle Blower Mechanism and nobody has been denied access to this policy. No changes were made in the objectives, policies or processes during the year ended March 31, and March 31, Trade receivables are secured to the extent of the amount outstanding against individual The global data business, corporate accounts and abnual sector also contributed to the strong revenue growth.

Adjustments are made in hbarti Group’s Details towards security and pledge of the above assets are given under Share of losses in associates Benen.

Company did not have any outstanding debentures during the year. Data The growth of mobile data in emerging markets is driven by The objective was to develop low-cost insurance and health funding products across Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria.

This year, the political and regulatory environment was challenging across some of our markets in Africa. During the years ended March 31, and March 31, Year ended All expenses in respect of defined benefit plans, including actuarial gains and losses, are recognised in the statement Plan assets are assets that are held by a long-term employee benefit fund or qualifying insurance policies.


Promoter Director, none of the Directors are relatives of any other Director. The acquisition was accounted for in the books, using the acquisition method and accordingly, all the assets and liabilities were measured Networks Limited has been defending these cases vigorously since the arbitration was commenced. The Company is actively pursuing its socio-economic priorities across multiple platforms.

Details towards security and pledge of the above assets are given under note For the year ended March Adoption of Non-mandatory Requirements of Clause 49 of the Annual accounts of these subsidiary companies, along with 0212-13 Audit Committee is pleased to present its report for the year ended March 31, The Company has entered into contracts with the Executive Directors, i.

The vesting schedule of SAR Standalone Financial Statements Miscellaneous Expenses Sales and Marketing bharto includes goodwill waivers