Big Eyes, Small Mouth, or BESM, is GUARDIANS OF ORDER’s flagship publication — the . your game into an adventure in the Sailor Moon RPG universe. Download BESM – Sailor Moon RPG & Resource Book. The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book [-. 1 . The Sailor Moon anime universe contains an enormous volume of information in Zflfl television.

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A resource almost any GM of Sailor Moon should make every effort to get their hands on. The Complete Book of Yoma: This section, like the plentiful use of art throughout the rest of the book, illustrates yet again the huge advantage which Guardians of Order has here: The core of the book, of course, are the yoma themselves. I discuss mooon in a bit more detail below.

The first section of the book deals with how to handle the yoma in your campaign. A solid resource, it succinctly sums up the basic bedm on which these creatures exist — summarizing the standard formulas of moin television show and how to break them to make a better roleplaying campaign ; who controls yoma and how; where yoma come from; general cosmology… the whole nine yards.

Guardians of Order | Yaruki Zero Games

The besmm part of this section, in my opinion, are the charts which statistically break down the yoma — by who controls them, what attacks destroyed them on the TV series, their type, and their gender. The resulting charts can be used to actually randomly generate a yoma — or you can use the charts as a quick reference for designing your own basic yoma packages.

Anyone with saailor a minimal amount of exposure to Sailor Moon will know that the basic structure of any given episode is simple: Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts face down a nasty magical creature. Volume 1 assembles and presents every single monster which the Sailor Scouts face down during the first two seasons of the show. This includes the Cardians and the Droids, who are not, strictly speaking, yoma.

Each yoma is given a full page description, and are arranged in the order they appear in the television series thus the yoma from episode one appears first; the yoma from episode two appears second; and so forth.

Each yoma is described with: Their English and Japanese names, the name of the episode s they appeared in English, Japanese, and translated Japanesetheir vesm defined in the introductory materialtheir master who sent themwho defeated them in the show, and their final fate on the show.

Additionally, more lengthy passages are given describing their physical appearance, the significant events of their appearance svarious points of interest, and of course their actual stats.

Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book

In case you missed it: With this information you of course get a standard monster manual entry for every yoma, but you also get a strategy section on how they can be defeated, and also adventure hooks on how to design a story around beesm. A great deal of care has gone into constructing the yoma so that they behave exactly as they do in the television series. Using the rules of the Sailor Moon roleplaying game and the stats as they are provided, you can recreate the events of the television series exactly as they appeared on the screen.

No such problem here. At the end of the day it does precisely what every supplement should do: It besn you run the game, without being absolutely necessary. Sure, you can run Sailor Moon without owning this book. There is absolutely nothing here that you cannot create yourself using the core rulebook.

But The Complete Book of Yoma makes you ask a simple question:. Guardians of Order Cost: For an explanation of where these reviews came from and why you can no longer find them at RPGNet, click here. Essentially these are character sheets from a company that dreams really big each 56 page pamphlet is for use with a single character.

Each diary contains a page character sheet, forty diary pages, a title page which you can personalize, and a dozen or so pictures appropriate for each type of character which you can use for your character portrait. For starters, the page character sheet is absolutely wonderful.


It was useful for defining your character in writing, for spurring creativity, and for developing your existing ideas. The diary itself is done really nicely. The left-hand pages are plain white with a border which is evocative of the character type in question a rose is in each corner of the border in the Knight Character Diaryfor example. The facing pages, on the right side, takes advantage of the rich wealth of artwork which is available to GoO for this game line in the form of animation stills — the entire page is taken up by a grey-muted image again, appropriate to the character type.

Finally, the stock pictures at the end which are designed to be xeroxed, cut out, colored, and pasted onto the title page which leads the book are useful for the artistically-disinclined. I feel rather limited by the fact that the only picture they have are of the characters from the animated series itself. They just might surprise you.

What I said about not buying character sheets was nothing but truth: When I first started roleplaying, I photocopied the sample sheet off the back of the BECMI basic manual which produced the double-sided 8. And a really great character sheet — like the Sailor Moon Character Diaries — really can transform a game. The former through sheer beauty beam utility; the latter through the excessively clever method it uses for handling vesm shifting between alternate realities.

I have previously read and reviewed two other products from Guardians of Order: I approached each of these books with a certain degree of doubt: A simple vehicle construction system? In each case, not only did the doubts vanish, but the books proved themselves worthy of lavish praise. I had no worries about the game itself which uses a specially modified version of the TriStat engine used in Big Eyes, Small Mouthbut with the source material: Starting at the top of character creation: Two methods are presented by which the GM can determine stat points: In Method A the GM gives everyone the exact same number of stat points.

In Method B every character is given a static number of stat points, which is then modified by a random roll. What seems to be missing are the options for unbalanced character creation — so that some characters will have more stat points than others. This option is given for the generation of attributes, so its oversight in stat assignation is odd.

On the other hand, since there are attributes which modify the basic stats, you can get the same result through indirect means. The character attribute system itself is a proto sub-attribute system. This customization process works quite well with the TriStat system — which, due to its simplicity, take no more than half a dozen pages or so to explain plus the particular attributes, many of which are specialized to the Sailor Moon universe.

If you bought the Sailor Moon RPG first, for example, you could go out and buy Big Eyes, Small Mouth and use the attributes there to expand the scope and depth of your game. Nothing extra is required to play, but everything becomes an addition to your game.

Well, this is not just a game — a large portion of the book is dedicated to being a general resource guide for fans of the Sailor Moon television show. Because by calling it a resource book, Mark MacKinnon is able to get the book into places where an RPG could never go. People who would never see and would never consider buying such a roleplaying game, will see and perhaps even buy this book.

Recent reports seem to be bearing the theory out. Nor is there any system better built than the TriStat System to function as an introduction to roleplaying.

Anyone with young daughters or nieces who they would like to get interested in roleplaying could probably do no wrong in giving them a copy of this book as a birthday or Christmas present. Sure, the system is nice.

Sure, the presentation is superb. Sure, the game functions great as an introduction for new players. But play a bunch of pubescent girls who run around in skimpy outfits?

Although I find its system to be tremendously innovative, what draws me back to the game time and time again is the setting. For whatever reason the basic Amber canon, as described by Zelazny, functions only as a starting point for a host of variation.

  AAT 7601 PDF

I, for example, have played in a variation where Amber was completely destroyed, and another where the entire Court was replaced with alternates King Oberon became Queen Titania, Dworkin the ancient man became Rozel the young female, the players assumed the roles of a brand new set of children, and so on.

Some have theorized that this was brought about because of the unreliability of the narrator in the original Amber books was he really telling the truth? In my opinion all of that had something to do with it, but when you boil it all away, Zelazny based his world on strong mythological archetypes. Those archetypes are extremely resiliant to massive amounts of change, and indeed, have been subject to thousands of alterations over the course of human history.

It is little surprise, therefore, that Amber not only stands up under such change, but thrives under it.

BESM – Sailor Moon RPG & Resource Book

In any case, the world of Amber has been twisted and distorted in any number of interesting and original ways. I bring all of this up because I see the same potential in the Sailor Moon RPGwith the same type of groundwork being laid almost certainly unintentionally by Mark MacKinnon as was laid by Eric Wujcik.

I have already considered several interesting possibilities including one in which the Sailor Moon manga and anime series are a set of propaganda films distributed by the evil Sailor Senshi, while the truth is that the Negaverse is fighting to protect our world from their machinations and eventual domination.

Rules for creating Knight characters such as the Tuxedo Mask from the series are built ssilor into the system. I immediately began pondering the possibility of a campaign where all the PCs are Knights, while the Sailor Senshi were relegated to fulfilling roles similar to that of Tuxedo Mask.

First, many of the attributes discuss and use Energy Points to one degree or another. For example, according to the index, Sailor Moon is only mentioned once in the entire book the reference is to her character sheet write-up. There is actually one exception to this: MacKinnnon used these to great effect throughout the book as boxed text, often finding very appropriate ones which complemented what the main text was discussing. In the index all four of these are mentioned.

It is the first such resource book published for Sailor Moon in the States, and it is a wonderful resource. Any fan of the Sailor Moon TV show would definitely enjoy the book just for its reference purposes. Second, it acts as a wonderful if previously unmentioned showcase for Sailor Moon art. The text is liberally sprinkled with highly appropriate selections from the manga and anime, including a full color section of pin-ups.

Fourth, I think that moonn Sailor Moon universe has tremendous flexibility and potential. Fifth, and saillr, the Sailor Moon RPG acts as an excellent introductory volume for roleplaying — particularly for young girls and fans of the Sailor Moon anime and manga. I have a cousin who, when she gets a couple of years older, will probably be getting a set of Sailor Moon tapes, some Sailor Moon manga, and a copy of this book.

For some this book bdsm just be silly; but for many it will hit the nail right on the head.

However, I think every roleplayer who has a broad palate should at least give the book a try… particularly if anything in this review has caught your interest. It was one of the few instances where I feel a small RPG company was actually really, really successful at reaching outside of the existing hobby. Online resources and wikis wholly replaced them.

They came close to nailing something really special, but in the end they missed it. Dweredell City Supplement 2: