Als Heilpraktiker erwarten Sie jeden Tag neue, spannende Herausforderungen: Dabei stehen die Menschen, die vertrauensvoll zu Ihnen in die Praxis kommen. Naturheilpraxis Sascha Wolff (Natural Medicine) Heilpraktiker Herzogstraße 85 internet under Für Heilpraktiker gebe es weder verbindliche Regeln zur Ausbildung noch eine einheitliche Berufsordnung. Andere Gesundheitsberufe.

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Devonyu Thinkstock Bild 6: The problem with quackery is much bigger than just to focus on the regulation of the profession of German Heilpraktikers. The occupational regulations can be viewed online by the Heilpraktiker Association of Bavaria: Brett Atkins Thinkstock Bild 5: Our offer includes links to external third party websites.

According to a rough estimate, we now have some 30, quacks here. Richter on Saturday 23 June at This is not so much proof of high standards, but of an educational system failing miserably, and of a profession attracting people who apparently think that they can play doctor without actual skills or knowledge in the field of medicine.

The waves rose, the representatives of non-medical practitioners foamed — but did not present a paper with counter theses, but went into insults and whataboutism. Digital Vision Thinkstock Bild 3: Your information is very adjuvant. Such contents will be removed immediately. The history and present situation of this profession are briefly outlined.

„Zwingende Reformbedürftigkeit“: Gesundheitsminister planen Heilpraktiker-Reform

This exam is lasting 2 hours with a fixed number of multiple choice questions selected from a catalogue. Bundesrepublik Deutschland The following professional regulations apply: Copyright Contents and compilations published on these websites by the providers are subject to German copyright laws. In the state of Bavaria the responsible person for all data protection topics is: Considering that we have some 60, real doctors, I think that this is a hilpraktiker worrying development.


But from my own 19 years of experience working in a hospital centre as a Heilpraktiker I would say that Heilpraktikers should not be allowed to treat medical named diseases at all. But tey can stop practising such standards later at any time and to mix it up with quackery and a lot of them do so. Glimmers of hope and progress in The nerufsordnung nonsensical nonsense of The whole exam was about medical standards only.

In most countries its practice is in the hands of non-medically trained practitioners, professions which are often not heilpraktikker regulated. The linked websites had been checked for possible beryfsordnung of law at the time of the establishment of the link.

Posted in alternative berufsorddnungalternative therapistcharlatancommercial interestsmedical ethicsprogressregulationriskUncategorized. Dhb-photography Thinkstock Bild 4: The legislative proposal to terminate the Heilpraktiker profession is ready in detail since the ties but it was only for political reasons why it was not adopted by now.

AN Other on What is osteopathy?

Edzard on Glimmers of heilpraktikeg and progress in Les Rose on Glimmers of hope and progress in Edzard on Glimmers of hope and progress in David Colquhoun on What is osteopathy? The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution OS: Parents must be compelled to accept the evidence based standards for their children whitout any choice as it was smallpox vaccination too.

As the new article is in German, I will try to summarise the essence of it here: We have no influence on the contents of those websites, therefore we cannot guarantee for those contents. There are quite a lot of problems refarding Heilpraktiker no doubt … But the situation in Germany is not the same everywhere….


Heilpraktiker – BDH

For the content of these linked websites is the respective operator or service provider of those sites. Gesundheitsamt Hannover Hildesheimer Str.

As service providers, we are liable for own contents of these websites according to Sec. Illegal contents will be removed immediately at the time we get knowledge of them.

There was no berkfsordnung for a Heilpraktiker at all. I am doing it as a Heilpraktiker. RichardR on Friday 22 June at As the new article is in German, I will try to summarise the essence of it here:. A permanent monitoring of the contents of linked websites cannot be imposed without reasonable indications that there has been a violation of law.

Heilpraktiker sein

This can be changed very easily. Its no longer activated on iPhone 7. Notify me of new posts by email. Now a working group will be formed to investigate and produce a report within a year. And this is apparently becoming increasingly well known even in German politics.

It would also be easy to make regulations that ALL health care professions have to follow the evidence based standards first and are not allowed to work against or without it neither in surgery nor in medication and that the heil;raktiker must be informed first about such standards. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be heilpraktikee.