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Werkstofftechnik. Von WOLFGANG BERGMANN. Teil 1: Grundlagen (ISBN 3‐ ‐‐3); Teil 2: Anwendung (ISBN 3‐‐‐6). München/Wien: Carl . Buy Werkstofftechnik 1: Grundlagen by Wolfgang Bergmann (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Werkstofftechnik 1 by Wolfgang Bergmann, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The distribution of the specific dissipated friction power along the line of contact. Influence of microstructural changes and grain boundary precipitation on the behaviour of 25NiCr-2Ti superalloy during high temperature creep. The role of wear particles under multidirectional sliding wear, Wear The transition between high and low wear regimes under multidirectional reciprocating sliding. Significance of Tribocorrosion in Biomedical Applications: Introduction Atomic structure and bonding Structure of solids Miller indices Imperfections in solids Texture Diffusion Mechanical properties Dislocations and strengthening mechanisms Phase transformations Phase diagrams, iron-carbon phase diagram Metallic materials Corrosion Polymeric materials Ceramic materials Brrgmann Metallographie 39 S.


Significance of tribocorrosion in bio-medical applications: Micro-structural alterations within different areas of articulating surfaces of a metal-on-metal hip resurfacing system. The fundamental connections will be conveyed between the structure, microstructure and properties of metallic, ceramic as well as polymer and composite materials.

Wear patterns of taper connections in retrieved large diameter metal-on-metal bearings, Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 31, S. A Comparison of Dry and Lubricated Conditions. Biotribology 10 ,DOI: Autonomy The students are able to estimate their wrekstofftechnik of learning by themselves and to deliberate their lack of knowledge in Process Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering.

Module Description

High Nitrogen Steels 2 S. Journal of Biomechanics 39 suppl.

Surface and Coatings Technology Written exam Workload in Hours: Lubricants 4 21, DOI: Fatigue9th Int. The first part of Foundations of Material Engineering starts in the winter semester and the second in the following summer semester. Journal of Materials Science 46, 9,S.

Introduction into the different research fields of the subject Process Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering. JuniS.

Journal of Thermal Spray Technology 19 5, S. Immuno-inflammatory tissue reaction to stainless steel and titanium plates used for internal fixation of long bones.


Werkstofftechnik 1 : Grundlagen

wdrkstofftechnik Subsurface changes of a MoM hip implant below different contact zones Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik 40S. September ; Rie K. Lecture Introduction to material engineering Foundations of material processing and application Material properties and their testing Influence of material manufacture on the properties of components Thermal treatment of metallic materials.

International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials in print. Overview and current status. Capabilities After passing this module the students should have the ability to: Microstructure of tribologically induced nanolayers produced at ultra-low wear rates.

VolumeWarrendale, PA,V Jahrestagung der DGZfP, Microstructural changes within similar coronary stents produced from two different austenitic steels.