Ben Jonson’s Epicoene. MARJORIE SWANN. Englishmen in the early modern period were obsessed with their bloodlines. “One of the most striking features of. Ben Jonson. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of. Epicoene has ratings and 22 reviews. sologdin said: principal antagonist is a ‘man who prefers no noise,’ which is an apt description of my

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Then, if she be covetous and craving, do you promise any thing, and perform sparingly; so shall you keep her in appetite still.

Epicene was thus destined to become a landmark play for the Restoration period, attuned to the mores of the restored monarchy and to a hedonistic culture that felt a compelling desire to make up for lost time. Ay, or affinitas orta ex sponsalibus; and is but leve impedimentum.

Epicene: Textual Essay

Nay, I believe that they do, withal — but that you are the prime men in their affections, and direct all their actions —. I would approach him on woolen clad feet and invite him to use his eyes.

Peicoene you had blood or virtue in you, gentlemen, you would not suffer such ear-wigs about a husband, or scorpions to creep between man and wife. By this time, the part of Epicene was being played by Mary Knepp, thereby establishing a tradition of actresses in the role that continued on into the eighteenth century, including Sarah Siddons, and occasionally into modern times.


Yes, by my troth am I: And, is 17 lock oyld. Nay, never quarrel with Cutbeard, sir; it is too late now.

Your ladyship does me an honour in it, to let me know he is so worthy your favour: The folio provides the following list of actors at the end of the play here modernized: It angered me to the soul, to hear them begin to talk so malepert.

This is thy extreme vanity, now: I pray you, master Truewit, be you a mediator. This is a cunny way in which Lucentio woos Bianca — letting her into the secret male code of Latin makes it possible for him to show her his love.

I am come, master Clerimont, to entreat you to wait upon two or three ladies, to dinner, to-day. A study of discourse in these two plays may reveal that expectations do not always conform to reality. This is a post-modern play, years before its time!

Epicoene by Ben Jonson

I have not kissed my Fury these forty weeks. Little knows don Bridegroom of this. If I do not, let me play the mountebank for my meat, while I live, and the bawd for my drink.

This might affect how the content is displayed. Will you not take my word? Harvard University, Houghton B vol. Not worthy to be named for authors. The main story starts when a group of actors are invited into his bedroom which is not his of jnson to act out a performance for him.

I beb take my leave abruptly, in hope you will not fail — Your servant. In Epicoene the audience would not have guessed that Epicoene was a epidoene acting a cross-dressed boy, because his language would represent the stereotypic female speech pattern — in this case the cherished silence at first and then the typical talkativeness of a shrew.


Jonson hinted to William Drummond that the play failed; he mentioned certain verses calling the title appropriate, since the audience had remained silent at the end. It shall be the tenth name in the bond to take up the commodity of pipkins and stone jugs: Perhaps too, as Richard Dutton proposes ed.

Four Comedies, edited by Helen Ostovich What a conscience hast thou! He is dressed up as an aristocrat and when he wakes up someone tries to make him believe that he is someone of high rank who has suffered from amnesia the last fifteen years. Page is in small-paper format, continuing as such through page 2Y4 v.

The perpetual motion is here, and not at Eltham. Play, sirs, all of you. The cast was led by Nathan Field who may have played either Truewit or Dauphin. The speech headings and stage directions, on the other hand, provide what is intended to be a useful distinction in a modern spelling edition.