to set up the software for your use. This guide shows a workflow that uses application settings. BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for the BD LSR II. Compensation Controls in the BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual. • Default templates are now provided for certain instrument functions. If you are the first user of the day: Boot up the computer and log on to Windows. Wait 10 seconds, then Open the BD FACSDiva software and log on. Allow the.

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An orange pointer indicates the tube is soffware recording events. Exported panels can also include global worksheets and their associated analysis objects. We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from.

See Changing Plot Parameters on page Use the Inspector to change the properties of the line or arrow.

All parameters listed in the Parameters tab are available for ratio calculations. The menu lists all global worksheets in your experiment.

BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual |

See the information supplied by the manufacturer for application-specific limitations. Experiment templates include specimens, tubes, keywords, cytometer settings, labels, worksheet elements, and worksheets including all settings such facssiva page breaksbut do not include recorded data. Inspector values are updated if you change the settings from these menus.

Your options will vary depending on the printer configured with your workstation.


Your workspace might look slightly different from that shown in this example. Click a button on the Browser toolbar a to add elements to the Browser. To drag and drop Browser elements: NOTICE If you copy an analysis object that spans more than 10 pages from a normal worksheet to a global worksheet, only objects that fit on the first 10 pages will be copied.

Table 1 lists symbols that are used to alert you to a potential hazard. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in retrieval systems, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means: Software controls, consisting of up and down arrows and a slider bar, appear next to the value as shown in Figure You can also choose a value from the Events to Record drop-down menu.

Statistics are displayed in statistics views and the values are updated in accordance with the Events to Display setting.

BD FACSCanto II Quick Reference Manual

The Browser is where you create and access database elements: Internet access is not required to access the help system. Only events within the P1 gate are shown in the histogram. Video display images copyright More information.

Close the region by double-clicking or by clicking on the first vertex. You can import data only into an open experiment.

Select the checkbox to Delete experiments after export. Use the Decrease Plot Size button to return the plot to its previous size. The information contained herein More information.


The first object associated with the tube is displayed at the top of the Worksheet window. The following exercise demonstrates how to copy and paste gates. When a parameter name includes a hyphen indicating it is a fluorophore conjugate and a label has already been assigned in Experiment Layout or the Inspector, BD FACSDiva software automatically assigns the label to the corresponding compensation control. Diskeeper is a registered trademark of Executive Software International.

Drag an offset handle to offset a segment from the center point; Shiftclick a quadrant marker to return the gate to its rectilinear form and return gate labels to their default position.

Getting Started with BD FACSDiva Software

See Figure on page Click the gray pointer icon to select the next gd for acquisition or data display. These plots are similar to topographic maps which use contour lines to show points at the same elevation. Any experiment can be saved as a template.

It is important to name Browser elements with meaningful names to help you find the data later.

NOTICE When pasting an analysis object from a global worksheet to a tube, some of the analysis can be lost if the tube uses a different set of parameters.