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Other trademarks used throughout this manual are the property of their . How the Scanner’s Controls Are Represented in This Manual. The Uniden Bearcat BCT15X is the follow-up to Uniden’s premier analog mobile scanner, the manual for the radio is contained on a CD-ROM, in PDF format. View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities. BCT15 Scanner pdf.

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Number of Talkgroups per Block.

Scroll to or. You can also toggle modulation for a site in scan hold mode by pressing then 9 MOD. Bct5x Safe Mode – lets you hand the scanner to a novice user and prevent programming from being modified. Press ‘ Menu ‘ to return.

Uniden BCT15X Scanner

You can also program FIPS codes into the scanner and use weather alert priority that will check the weather channel every 5 seconds for a weather alert signal. Set Status Bit Motorola only sets how your scanner works with status bits also called S-bitsletting you control how the scanner interprets and displays Motorola talk group IDs. Max Radios per Block. For more information about Uniden and our products, visit http: And, thanks to the many people who have posted their valuable insight on the Radio Reference forums and Yahoo groups.

Preemptive Priority Preemptive priority is a feature that works on Motorola systems. Quickly Storing a Frequency. Scroll to the desired DCS code you want present with the signal. Setting Location Information source.


Then see Storing a Displayed ID. Call mode and stores any Close Call hits, up to the maximum you specified in the Max Auto Store setting.

The default setting is Auto. Nothe channel number tag, then MENU. Continue at ‘ Set Number Tag ‘ below.

Easier to Read BCTX Scanner Manual

You can set the center frequency and span of the frequency range. This mutes the alert action for about 3 bcr15x. In Hold Mode, you can monitor the displayed frequency.

Allows you to automatically store Close Call hits into channels. Keys with blank cells work as normal for each mode. The scanner scans a system for the duration you set using the ‘system hold time’ option. This manual is a culmination of the Wiki, the CD manual, pages!? Set Priority sets the priority mode.

All unlocked channels will be scanned at least once regardless of this setting. At ‘ Quick Freq Manal If you can’t hear a control channel when you step through the trunking frequencies in manual modeyou either don’t have all the frequencies or are too far away to receive the control channel and the system. The scanner’s menu lets you select options that let you set up manuwl use the scanner using the MENU key.

Duplicate Frequency Alert – alerts you if you try to enter a duplicate name or frequency already stored in the scanner. Set Attenuator Set Attenuator to select to choose an attenuation for all frequencies in the range. Close Call, Scan, etc. Rotate the scroll control until the system that has the group you want to bctt15x or manuall appears. Since all sites share all the talkgroups within the system, multi-site kanual is much more efficient than programming each site as a separate system.


You must also set the system’s record option to either ‘All Channel’ which will record all channels regardless of the channel’s record setting or ‘Marked Channel’ which only records the channels you’ve set to record. Enter the system number, press. Close Call Auto store.

PRI appears in the display when you select this mode.

Then the scanner scans the system called ‘Close Call’. Check with your local agency or on-line resources as Uniden America Corporation has no information regarding local tone-out systems. The following table shows what options are available for various search modes.

Top Questions for Uniden BCT15X Scanner

This feature allows you to get a “picture” of spectrum activity across the selected range, identify intermittently active frequencies, check antenna performance, check coax quality, verify coverage areas, and identify interference. Some keys don’t work in this mode. Chan Frequency Bcy15x Ch The scanner can only look for priority IDs in the trunked system it is currently scanning.