Dievų miškas by Balys Sruoga Altorių šešėly by Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas Balta drobulė by .. “Forest of the Gods” talks about WWII and concentration camps. Forest of the Gods [Balys Sruoga, Ausrine Byla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sruoga – Forest of the Gods book in Hard Cover. Forest of the gods by Balys Sruoga, , Vaga edition, in English.

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If this is where we’ll live, at least they’ll give us a bed In the Fall ofthe first new settlers transferred themselves here: The man of the bruiser species announced himself inside: The writer depicts the forced death as an act of degradation of the world, rejecting all of the values which had existed until the present time.

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Forest of the gods

The government agents are angry, they swear, cross out names in their books, send corrections to Berlin, and to the more lively of the corpses, bricks no longer fall on their heads, ribs no longer break, the ones who hang no longer have help Again, this translation is extremely timely.

This pronoun does srhoga have nominative case and plural. Jan 19, Yaroslav rated it really liked it.

Gestapo guards hands hang hauled head Heidel hell hospital hung Jehovah’s Witnesses Jewesses Jews Kashubian Kaunas kilometers kind Klawan labor detachment landed in camp Latvian Lebork Leczyca legs Lehman Ot live longer look lying managed margarine Mayer Miiller moonshine Muller never newcomers night Norwegians nose official once organized Poles Polish Political Division potatoes punishment Russian S. Which type of camp better complements the achievements of our century’s culture?

And he swayed away.

The following two anecdotes, for instance, even appear on the same page, within just a paragraph of each other: Author sfuoga SS just because he was on the verge of dying.

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He’ll also take bacon. One on one side, the other — on the other. How in the world do you carry it, — you ghe figure it out, this corpse is so horrible, blue, black The Gestapo officer kept the villa. As with the long vowels, if stressed they can have either the circumflex intonation marked by tilde on the second vowel, or the acute intonation marked by acute accent on the first vowel.

Balys Sruoga, Forest of the Gods – Axis History Forum

Otherwise, it was empty and barren, except for the pathetic rustlings of slender pines, as if they soughed in tearful sighs, remembering those times when the joyful gods raised their revelries. Sruoga really knows the art of black humour. I admit, Balys’s writing style is unusual. A sharp curt command drove us up to one of these funny hovel like barns which showed itself to be living quarters.

We would be wisest to give it all to him.

Dievų miškas

With the end of the Polish – German war, Danzig’s civil fo decided to erect a concentration camp within the Forest of the Gods, for the godds Poles, to bring them back to the path of righteousness.

It could happen that one or another would get angry, and start to shout, and call the foreign landlords barbarians. Well, well, — we shall see. Some verbs with a monosyllabic stem shorten the root vowel in the 3rd person, e. This review gdos been hidden because it contains spoilers. Sruoga’s health never recovered after Stutthof, and he died in Screaming, shrieking, swearing like devils, even the barrack walls barked.

The notes, which explain terms and references which may be unfamiliar to the English speaking reader are also welcome. On the other hand, 1st declension nouns ending in – jas have the endings of the 4th declension – au in vocative singular, e.

Forest of the Gods, by Balys Sruoga

His ‘team’ does not resemble living people, but a moving crowd of ghosts. Oc the concentration camp everyone obeys one law: It’s hard to rediscover the golden mean, hard to tell the difference between self-preservation and ruthless injury to a friend. The pure diphthongs consist of two vowels and are the following: The original text, written in the months following the author’s release from a concentration camp, had to wait over 10 years before its initial publication in Lithuanianand another 40 before this first English translation.


Anyway you look at it, the customs of this land are strange! Forest of the Gods: So we stand for him here, along the fence, on the right. This little town was connected to Danzig by an asphalt highway and an obsolete railway.

The block chief, seeing him, even bent over in the corridor like a bulldog readying for an attack on a gendarme’s calf. The central camp headquarters in Berlin are informed that he is dead. The use of the personal pronouns pf similar to that of English.

It is entitled “Forest of the Gods,” after the name of the swampy place in which the Stutthof concentration camp had been built. There was nothing subtle about the drama of that history, the crimes so vast as to seemingly obscure any need for nuance. A broom’s bristles he took for a pillow. I’d rather walk myself Of course, their the Reds demands to stay within “Soviet realism” were not very pleasant — but even this demand did not interfere with his greatest work of art, which without a doubt will make his name famous in the entire world.

Rather than artificially copying every stylistic element of the http: Unlike many other works of this genre, here an attempt is made to conceal fragile human nature under external irony, laughter through tears, a screen for what cannot be completely told.