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Dennis Rodman

Mwgyar we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, mwgyar will kifestyle better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Jeon Jungkook does not believe in love. But when he meets Taehyung Because there’s no way, he won’t fall in love with this boy. Tae is the demigod of love and compassion, one of the mabyar of Aphrodite.

He escapes to the human realm to study humans, where he meets rich, attractive badboy Jeongguk, surrounded by 5 very protective hyungs. Demigod or not, he never failed badnoy make Tae nervous. He never planned on introducing himself however, and he especially never planned on introducing himself by collapsing in his arms. That’s like a death sentence.

Nobody talks about Kim Seokjin’s fingers and lives to tell the tale. Jeon Jungkook loves his cigarettes dearly. But the only thing he would give lifetsyle up for is the taste of strawberry chapstick on his lips. AU where Jungkook loves leather jackets and tats and Jimin is an innocent sweetheart who’s too kind for the world.

Jimin glanced down, his white tee was pretty much see-through now and clinging to his body while the water dripped off his pink hair and down his face. Even back then, I almost had you, didn’t I? Jimin moves to Seoul and goes to his new school. All he wants to do is succeed in dancing and make his parents even a bit proud. New friends, new school, new life. That’s what he thinks he’ll find here.

But that’s until he sees him. Jimin and his boyfriend Hoseok go to vacation in Valetta to celebrate their one year anniversary. Yoongi stopped caring a long time ago. So why is he trying to help Park Jimin?


Brexit ‘bad boy’ faces criminal probe over referendum campaign cash | Euronews

Why is he ready to start a war just to save this boy lifstyle looks way too pure for this fucked up world? Or Jimin gets into trouble with the criminals ruling his hometown and police officer Yoongi has come to rescue him. When fuckboy Jeon Jungkook gets cut off by his father for his frivolous lifestyle, he realizes he needs a job. Taehyung and Jimin are nerds running a shady business, but they’re hiring and Jungkook is quick to sign the contract.

It’s only after he’s got his feet up in stirrups that he realizes his new job involves testing. Taehyung had been afraid of guns his whole life, but after meeting Jungkook and getting dragged into a world of crime and violence against his will, magjar now shoots a man in the face without even blinking. He doesn’t even questions it anymore, he just does it. Another day, another kill.

But what happens when the one you’re supposed to love is on the other side of the weapon? He’s known for being the best male range in the industry. He’s also pretty angelic looking.

DNA by BadBoy downloads torrent – hupjst0m

He’s known for a bad mouth and attitude. His behavior goes hand-in-hand with the badass music he produces. Idol life takes its toll on the 27 year old rockstar when he’s caught with illegal substnces and spends his last free days living life.

It becomes his mission to find someone that could wait for him and give him the suport he needs for the next 4 years. The innocent boy just so happened to mention the rocker as his celeberty crush. When Jungkook’s sentence for fighting and destroying private property ended up being two hundred hours of community service in a place for people with disabilities, he believed his life and reputation was ruined.

What he never expected was falling in love with someone that can’t walk, nor that he was going to risk him because his past won’t let him go that easily. Basically a little ‘s AU with Taekook were Taehyung is the local farmers boy and really has never been to school before until he turns He then meets Jeongguk, the schools rebel who tried to get Taehyung to do some pretty bad things. But being the sweet, innocent child he is, Taehyung ends up wanting to be friends with Jeongguk instead.


The angel fell and succumbed to the wickedness and woke up with no wings or memories of his heavenly life before. Yet still punished for falling in love, how tragic. In which angel jimin fell for demon jungkook and was stripped of his wings and memories and thrown to exile on earth.

Jimin has been insecure on everything about him, always finding the flaws and imperfections in himself, ignoring his enchanting features. He thinks that since he’s not good looking, no one will ever love him more than a friend. But what happens when he starts falling for his best friend Jungkook who is known for being a play boy? His hands move to cup Taehyung’s neck, fingers tugging gently at the loose strands of his hair.

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