Awan a South Asian Zamindar tribe, putatively of Arab origin, living The Ferozsons Urdu-English Dictionary lists the Awans as a tribe whose name is of Arabic.

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With him came six of his many sons: As claiming descent from Qutb Shah the Awans are often called Qutb-shahi, and sometimes style themselves Ulami.

Baab Ul Awan

Legend has it that their origins go back to Imam Ali and his second wife, Hanafiya. In Gujrat they only marry inter se, refusing to give daughters even to the Chibbsawaj not inter- marrying with the Khokhars.

These four clans are again divided into numerous septs, often bearing eponymous names, hut sometimes the names of GujarJat and other tribal septs appear.

The findings of the geneticist, S. Brandreth believed the Awans to be remnants of Bactrian Greeks. Views Read View source View history.

Talbot’s assessment of the Awans, Rose also commented: As in the case of the Sikhs, recruiting authorities showed a hstory bias in favour of the dominant landowning tribes of the region, and recruitment of Punjabi Muslims was limited to those who belonged to tribes of high social standing or reputation – the ‘blood proud’ and once politically dominant aristocracy of the tract. The originally Hindu character of these names is patent, and hishory explained away by the tradition that Chauhan and Khokhar took their mother’s name.

Few of these look like Muhammadan patronymics. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The bulk of the Awan tribe is to be found in the Punjab Pakistan.

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They often carry titles typical to Punjabis who own hkstory of ancestral land such as Malik, Chaudhry and Khan. The Awans subscribe to the belief that they are the descendants of the fourth CaliphAli though histroy bulk of those belonging to the tribe are not Shiasand as such, a number adopt the title, Alvi — particularly those who migrated from East Punjab to Pakistan – although not all of those who refer to themselves as Alvi are Awans.

The Awan tribe is also to be found in great numbers in the Khyber Pakhtoonkha Province.


People of the Awan community have a strong presence in the Pakistani Army [1] [ need quotation to verify ] and have a strong martial tradition. Many have played and continue to play, prominent roles in areas as varied as the military, business, politics and literature.

Ethnic groupssocial groups and tribes of the Punjab. Awan tribes claims that they belong to Qutab Shah jistory we clarify that there are two personalities enter in Sub-continent 1. Most Awans maintain histkry have always maintained they are descended from an individual named Qutb Shaha ruler of Herat and a general in the army of Mahmud of Ghazniwho himself was a Hashemite descendant of the Prophet Muhammad ‘s cousin and son-in-law, Ali but by a wife other than the Prophet’s daughter, Fatimah.

As a result of census data collated during the era of the British Raj, the Awan tribe was invariably classified as being exclusively Muslim; contemporary census figures underline that this essentially remains ihstory status quo.

Many Awan families to this day live on and cultivate land, which their ancestors have held for centuries.

Awan History

They were prominent in the armies of the Slave Dynasty and the Khilji dynasty during the Delhi Sultanate period. Though these areas are their ancestral homelands and many own farms and other property there, numerous Awans live in the major urd of Pakistan such as Lahore where a section of the Awan tribe has established a settlement, aptly named Awan TownIslamabad, and Karachi.


Awan soldier in battle uniform. The bulk of the Awan tribe to be found in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Awan (tribe) – Wikipedia

The most extensive study of the tribe was conducted during the era of the British Raj, and as a result of census data collated during this period, the Awan tribe was invariably classified as being exclusively Muslim. By Barth, his first wife, he had a son named Khokhar: An Awan girl plaits her hair on the forehead and wears only ear-drops, this style being given up after marriage. Chauhan who colonised the hills near the Indus 5: Conversely, there are also those who support the Awan claim to Arab ancestry.

The loading family among the Awans is that of the Malik of Kalabaghand throughout the Jhelum Salt Range they have numerous maliks 1 notably Lal Khan of Nurpur in Pind Dadan Khan, head of the Shial descendants of Shihan, a great malik in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

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