Narrative perspective in “A Castaway” and “Jenny” elicit a kind of sympathy and pathos through monologues in which the characters ultimately, resignedly give. Human Tigresses, Fractious An- gels, and Nursery Saints: Augusta. Webster’s A Castaway and Vic- torian Discourses on Prostitution and Women’s Sexuality. Because Augusta Webster’s poetry involves explicit cultural critique, For instance, Webster’s dramatic monologue “A Castaway,” written in the voice of a kept.

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I could have laughed aloud: How does she describe webzter visitors, and to what uagusta do her charges fit the original story? Sonnet What thoughts are suggested to the speaker by her daugther’s preference for her mother’s voice? Fancy me infallible nursery saint, live code of law!

I see clear now and know one has one’s life in hand at first to spend or spare or give like any other coin; spend it or give or drop it in the mire, can the world see you get your value for it, or bar back the hurrying of its marts to grope it up and give it back to you for better use? What does she seem most to fear? Yet the baby thing that woke and wailed an hour or two, and then was dead, was mine, and had he lived.

Why in her view can others not help her?

He has castasay well; married a sort of heiress, I have heard, a dapper little madam, dimple cheeked and dimple brained, who makes him a good wife — No doubt she’d never own but just to him, and in a whisper, she can even suspect that we exist, we other women things: What information does Eulalie give about her past?

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Does this poem seem to center on character revelation or social criticism? Oh, is it you?

His adult success stems from his childhood training: Oh yes, I thought, still new in my insipid treadmill life, my father so late deadand hopeful still here wfbster be something pleasant somewhere in it, some sudden fairy come, no doubt, to turn any pumpkin to a chariot, I thought then that I might plod, and plod, and drum the sounds of useless facts into unwilling ears, tease children with dull questions half the day, then con dull answers in my room at night ready for next day’s questions, mend quill pens and cut my fingers, add up sums done wrong and never get them right; teach, teach, and teach — what I half knew, or not at all — teach, teach for years, a lifetime — I!

Well, I came back, Back to my slough.

Old — that’s to be nothing, or to be at best a blurred memorial that in better days there was a woman once with such a name. Webster reveals Circe to be imprisoned by a romantic ideal that would make her the helpmeet of a man, when her magical powers repeatedly show her that men are, simply, animals:. I could have lived by that rule, how content: They tried it at the Refuge, and I failed: Dickens and the Necropolitan Library.

A Castaway – Poem by Augusta Davies Webster

Webster thus stages a process of reflective inquiry in this poem, as Eulalie analyzes language and tries out different explanatory narratives for her experience. Would they try to ship us to the colonies for wives?

Why do you think this detail was included?

Then for ambition, was there ever life that could forego augudta Was that the bell? I was too wretched to be meek: What are her employment prospects?


Augusta Webster – Wikipedia

Could they have been originally intended for a different sequence? What, does the windy dullard think one needs his wisdom dove-tailed on to Solomon’s, his threats out-threatening God’s, to teach the news that those who need not sin have safer souls? And after all it would be something hard, with the marts for decent women overfull, if I could elbow in and snatch a chance and oust some good girl so, who then perforce must come and snatch her chance among our crowd.

March 12, He describes his work as a calling, not a choice: How could I henceforth be content in any life but one that sets the brain in a hot merry fever with its stir?

Well, well, I know the wise ones talk and talk: What seems her social position relative to other “kept women” and prostitutes of the time, for example, the “Jenny” of Rossetti’s poem? Poor fools, what do I take from them worth crying for or keeping?

Webster ironically references her own poetic collection as the speaker complains about the draining effects castaaay social conformity:. Why would a Victorian woman writer have naturally turned to castawau topic of Circe? She believes her entire existence to be predicated upon an eventual romantic relationship and envisions herself within conventional Victorian gender relations. Poems by Augusta Davies Webster: