The D1 by Audioengine is a bit kHz audio interface with a built-in digital- to-analog converter. Offering both USB and optical inputs, the D1 is ideal for. Audioengine D1 Back. Audioengine D1 Fantastic, plug-and-play sound for your computer and powered speakers. Crutchfield: Audioengine Desktop Audio. Find great deals for Audioengine D1 Premium bit DAC / Headphone Amp. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The device arrived and I connected it to my MacBook Pro and was listening to music in literally moments – its that simple.

I have a vintage pair of Sennheiser HD’s that are ohms. The volume comtrol works on both outputs. But the only real downside is that it’s only USB powered, akdioengine it won’t drive headphones with high impedance you can always buy a separate amp for those and connect it to the RCA outputs.

What Hi-Fi?

If your budget is higher than that there are plenty of better options of course. Wonderful, Clean, accurate sound. Two things affect this: I decided that I was not going to spend big bucks, at least until I could play with one.


To make a long story short, I ended up having to buy a 0. Audioenbine also wanted it to look okay, but have a fairly small footprint. VelgusDec 14, The DAC is built really nicely and feels solid. This is extremely useful with powered studio monitors for example.

Audioengine D1 review | What Hi-Fi?

You need the adapter with the Mac because the optical output is recessed into the headphone jack. I hooked the unit up briefly and it works fine with no pops or noise. Is it a perfect amp?

If you listen to music with a set of headphones plugged into your computer, the D1 offers an immediate upgrade over the DACs, headphone amp, and clock in your computer. X1 I was a little disappointed there, but than again it takes another kind of beast to run the ‘s.

Direct downloads of high bitrate and bit depth files are a must. It is also dead completely black quiet, no noise whatsoever.

Audioengine D1 Bit DAC/Headphone Amp Review | Audio Advice

It took me two weeks of adjusting to find the right buffer settings where I wouldn’t get skip noises. Nice Unit for the money Written by cutecob Published Mar 12, Two-in-one audio accessory creates a great computer audio experience at an incredible price.

Some have questioned why a solid state device needs a break-in. The D1 has both USB and optical inputs. It works best with lower impedence headphones.


Especially given that I will sometimes move this around, it was easy for the volume knob to be turned way up, without audioenbine. The device has pre-amped RCA outputs, so you can control the volume. Recommend this device if you are trying to get higher quality audio from your PC.

I ordered a 3. ContrailAudiengine 29, My digital gurus opine that this time is used to create error correction tables in the DAC.

Audioengine D1 Premium 24-bit DAC / Headphone Amp

I in fact bought a second audioenggine for at home, and am considering adding a few other audioengine products their bluetooth transmitter because of the positivity of this experience. However, I never bought this to use with the HD, which is my go to at home critical listening phone.

No, create an account now. How does it resolve 24bit files? If you get noise, just replay the song from the beginning, it seems to fix it.