Aka: Retrograde Urethrogram, Retrograde Cystourethrogram Catheter placement); Technique: Bedside Emergency Department Procedure (where urology not. Submit. Urologic Conditions; Printable Version · Procedure · After Test · Printable Version · Home · Urologic Conditions · Retrograde Urethrogram; Procedure. PG: Dr. Nasin Usman Moderator: Dr. Balaji J. ASCENDING ANATOMY • Male urethra is to 20 cm in length and divided into: • The.

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Urethrography | Radiology Reference Article |

You should be aware that there may occur some dysuria for about 24 hours, while in some cases there might also appear small blood output from the urethra. Following Urethrography, you can right away resume to your everyday activities without any restrictions. What preparation is needed for Urethrography?

Merkle W, Wagner W. Stricture urethra, urethrogram, voiding cystourethrography. Antegrade cystoscopy was done to break the synechia and antegrade urethrogram was performed.

Footnotes Source of Support: Attempting to insert a catheter into the bladder if there is already an injury to the urethra can cause the injury to be extended or the catheter to perforate the urethra through the tear.


Retrograde UrethrogramRetrograde Cystourethrogram. It is done just before the uretrogram urethroplasty under anesthesia. To compare the efficacy of sono-urethrogram and ascending urethrogram in the evaluation of stricture urethra. Sterile drapes will be placed over your lower body, and your penis and groin will be cleaned with antiseptic solution.

The urethrogram will be carried out by a urethroyram specialist doctortrained in carrying out radiology procedures and interpreting X-ray images. One patient who had evidence of posterior urethral stricture in SUG had normal urethra in cystoscopy. It is superior to ascending urethrogram in the identification of spongiofibrosis, diameter and length of the stricture. This part of the test only shows narrowings involving the middle and lower part of the urethra.

Uretnrogram nuclear medicine thyroid scan uses a radioactive medication radiopharmaceutical to take pictures or images of the thyroid gland.

Back Links pages that link to this page. The false positive rate was less with sono-urethrogram as compared to ascending urethrogram. A urethrogram is usually carried out in a hospital radiology department or radiology practice that has an X-ray room where there is fluoroscopy available.

Retrograde Urethrogram

The findings were confirmed later by cystoscopy. Other signs of an infection that you should see your doctor about include feeling the need to constantly go to the toilet and pass urine more than 36 hours after the procedure or a temperature or chills shivering at any time after the procedure.


Articles from Indian Journal of Urology: Patients with recurrent stricture were urethrobram from the study. In Ascending urethrogram group, 3 patients had False tracts, 2 patients had urethral calculi and 4 patients had urethral diverticulum.

Should there be any abnormal finding, the physician will inform you about this. Urology – Radiology Pages. Search Bing for all related images.

You may be asked to stand upright or lie in the supine position on your back on a special radiology table. It is more sensitive in the diagnosis of anterior urethral strictures than posterior urethral strictures.

Percutaneous transvesical procedufe and balloon dilatation.


Results The sonourethrogram identified stricture disease in all the patients who had abnormal ascending urethrogram. Average diameter of stricture in SUG group was 1. AUG alone cannot give adequate information in these cases. Spongiofibrosis-The thickness and length can be appreciated by Sono-urethrogram, which is not possible urrthrogram Ascending urethrogram. Conclusion sonourethrogram is an effective alternative to ascending urethrogram in the evaluation of stricture urethra.