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Sprite; import teToURL; import uest; import iables; public class URLVariablesExample extends Sprite { public. i try this code (my class name is bAEForm) package { import y. SimpleButton; import ; import. Shown in the source are the actual code, shorthand of the code, and Steven Sacks’ simple-but-sweet rendition of getURL done in AS3, which.

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Email Required, but never shown. Open the Internet Properties control panel, and click the General tab. The following example opens the URL http: A URLVariables object is created and two of its properties are assigned values.

By using a digest, you can verify the cached file across multiple domains. You cannot navigate a window with a nondefault name from within a SWF file that is in the local-with-filesystem sandbox.

If the syntax appears to be invalid, the POST operation is subject to the security rules applied to uploads. You can remove it if you want the link to use the default option which is to open in the same page that hosts the Flash movie.


Two files with the same digest are the same file, and two files with different digests are not the same file. A separate application or utility, such as a phone dialer must be available to process the URL. Learn more Loading external data. After an initial request has been redirected, this allows subsequent reqeusts to be sent directly to the redirected server location. Also, the caller can optionally supply a string or regular expression in the pattern parameter.


This concludes our tutorial. Various browsers and browser configurations may block pop-up windows at any time; it is not possible to guarantee any pop-up window will appear.

URLRequest – AS3

A file cannot practically be created to “spoof” a digest and pretend to be another digest. Was just making the suggestion since it seems as if they are moving from AS2 to AS3.

When you encode an object into AMF, this function saves the alias for its class, so that you can recover the class when decoding the object. Can be either a String or a RegExp object. Error — If the method is not called in response to a user action, such as a mouse event or keypress event. Specifies whether the local cache should be consulted before this URLRequest fetches data.

This event listener will invoke a function called onClick which we have defined, without any actual content, below:. The following example illustrates the syntax for launching the device text message application with a specified receipient.

See the note in the description of the contentType property. The IDE has intellisense.

AS3: Linking to Another Webpage

Boolean Specifies whether successful response data should be cached for this request. This method does not interact with the flash. Click the Show Cookies button. For more information, see the Help for the operating system hosting the data. You can set the URL later by using the url property. A SWZ file matches if its digest matches the one you provide. The default value is the same user agent string that is used by Flash Player, which is different on Mac, Linux, and Windows. String — The alias to find.


They are also passed to the upload and download methods of the FileReference class.

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For additional security, you as also choose to validate the qs3 of the URL and to validate that the URL conforms to the RFC guidelines For example, the following code shows a simple example of performing data validation by denying any URL that does not begin with http: String The URL to be requested. For more information, see the description of the URLRequest class. IOError — The digest property of the request object is not null.

Validating that the URL is a within your domain can ensure that the SWF file can’t be used as an open-redirector by people who conduct phishing attacks. The idle timeout is the amount of time the client waits for a response from the server, getuurl the connection is established, before abandoning the request.

actionscript 3 – getURL in AS3, how to? – Stack Overflow

Show Inherited Public Methods. The application also throws this error if the provided digest is the wrong length or contains invalid nonhexadecimal characters. An exception is a call to FileReference. Switchfire 1 4