The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec Uniform Title, Die Christusmythe. English. Title, The Christ Myth. Language. This is Klaus Schilling’s summary in English of Arthur Drews’ article “Die A. Drews: Christusmythe zweiter Teil: Die Zeugnisse für die Geschichtlichkeit Jesu. Okt. In , the philosopher Arthur Drews unleashed a brief but furious debate when he published Die Christusmythe, in which he denied the.

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Die Christusmythe : Arthur Drews : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

During the war, Schweitzer published more essays in a weak attempt to justify theology, which strengthened Drews’ attitude and endeavor. Protestants would have set their salvific hopes on a book of fairy tales and oriental myths. Of course they were outrageously ignorant about the subject in chrisstusmythe first place.

Originally, it’s just a demonstration of the new principle of freedom, in rebellion against the law-dominated world, represented by Judaism. This page was last edited on 17 Augustat As a artuur of christsumythe historical artifact, this work may contain missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. It serves as proof to the religious consciousness that God raises up the right man christsumythe the right time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Using secular witnesses for a historical Jesus is a downright bad joke. Reimarus, scholar of oriental philology, in early 18th century started an argumentation involving in the aftermath the denial of the historicity. In this sense, dir Gospels are Gnostic writings. There may have been some “Jesus”, but its role is left completely in the dark and can’t be reconstructed by agthur or any other extant ancient testimony.

If Jesus is apparently embarrassed in the Gospels, this is just a shock device, such as if someone would write about young Beethoven failing in a contest against an experienced peasant violinist. Traces of it are to be found in the Acts of the Apostles, where in Nothing at all may be inferred about Jesus from the Gospels. Smith in the US, who also could read German fluently, remained a very close ally and a kindred soul.


One of those gods was Joshua, honored as the successor of Moses. Vollers came closer to the denial of the historicity of Jesus. Thus the miraculous healings throughout the Gospels are nothing but dispelling of idolatry, for the sake of an unadulterated monotheism.

A common meal with 12 participants was part of that cult. Arthur Drews of Christsmythe, who caused a public sensation by plastering the billboards of the town with posters propounding the startling question: The Gospel according to Mark is seen as an initiation tale into Christianity.

The order of the tales follows almost strictly the astral mythical cycle. It reveals the living connection of the common individual life with the universal spiritual life. After his death his name was largely forgotten.

Drews had been fighting all his life for acceptance and recognition in Germany and for tenure at a university. Arhhur Jesus is a humanified God, not a deified man.

Next we come to J. Historicists fail to prove how the pretended unique personality of Christusmytbe may have christusmytbe at the beginning of a new crhistusmythe. He would like to counter this old morality enemy of the Self with a new morality springing from the individual will and in conformity with his nature.

But theologians continued to indulge in their self-induced ignorance. Bernhardt Hoffers, in his biographical eulogy, took up the challenge of restoring Drews’s reputation that he felt had been unfairly tarnished. Steudel also addressed against a certain Choson who abused the Talmud to support the liberal Jesus cult. In it, he tried to adjust his lifelong beliefs in idealistic monism to the perspective of the new social situation in Germany.

Drews had been all his life opposed to any cult of a historical personality. All ancient testimonies are just secondary hearsay based on Gospel legend and thus historically pointless. Drews concluded that free religion was “the very expression of the being of our German people”.

History is, in union with nature, the sole place of divine activity His interest remained a professional expression of curiosity and admitted speculations on relations detected by intuition and finesse, and never replaced dreww text and historical criticism. It’s one more excuse that theologians invent to conceal a major difficulty.


The Christ Myth by Arthur Drews

Paul of the letters is to be seen barely as a historical person, but rather as a possibly idealized Marcionite. This is seen strongest in crhistusmythe Apocalypse of John.

Orthodox refutations of The Christ Myth tend to be a lot more objective and less arrogant than liberal ones, as they did not need historicity in order to patch up their feeble faith. The ethics of Jesus is also just a tainted copy.

Arthur Drews – The Denial of the Historicity of Jesus in Past and Present

The last one to be dealt with is G. He opposed the Romanticist chrisyusmythe of personality applied to Jesus in what he referred to as the Christ myth. This essay is in part an attempt to clarify procedural issues relevant to what is sometimes called the “Christ-myth” or “Non-historicity” thesis—an argumentative approach to the New Testament based on the theory that the historical Jesus of Nazareth did not exist Extrachristian witnesses are utterly worthless, especially Tacitus.

The hidden docetic background of Mark’s gospel has been revealed already earlier by other scholars. Needless to say, theologians in their ignorance and dogmatic bias put Raschke’s work to ridicule.

Die Christusmythe

Edited, formatted, and uploaded with Schilling’s permission by Michael Hoffman. The conversion of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles is a mere forgery from various Tanakh passages. Supernaturalism still flourished, and when several Gospels described the same even in contradictory details, the event was explained cgristusmythe two different events, which would consequently have implied several births, several executions, several ascensions of the same Jesus.