Printed by D. V. Syamala Rau, at the Vasanta Press,. The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Indological Books, ‘Principles Of Tantra – Tantra Tattva. Ganesh _ Co – Arthur ‘. J WORKS ON TANTRA BY ARTHUR AVALON The Great Liberation the Sansknt 2nd Ed revised with copious additional notes, Principles of Tantra Vols.

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It is He who killed the demons Shakazfa 14 and Piitana HSvabbSva, the movements a person makes which indicate desire. The remainder of the Chapter deals with” Yantra and other ritual details. Pleased thereat He displayed to Them His great and beauteous form ; the sight whereof awed and astounded them. See note 3 adding above and below. These two Chapters deal with the subject of initiation DiksM. See The Great Liberation p. I wish also to add that if the Hindu described that passion zrthur what to the prudish may seem ”immodest” detail it was because he found nothing to be ashamed or afraid of in this natural state or function in itself but in its abuse which his Scriptures like any other forbid 2.

The ritual in the worship of Ardhanarlshvara is dealt with up to v, The purposes to which artgur, vocal and bodily action should be put are His worship. These make 38 Kalas for the fifty letters. Some other meanings are given m the commentary to v. From this state Liberation is not far” 6. What he does is that he has the same respect for the faith of others as he has for his own.


This epithet of Vishnu has several significations one of which is indicated afthur the text, via. Chandra is the Rajasa and Agni the Tamasa aspect of the Devi. This is how knowledge is acquired.

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She is Pancha- buddhiprabhavmi. It is born with a body which contains the twentyfour Tattvas. Therein there should be no anger and quarelling, lust, loud talk, lies, sloth and idle disputation ; nor any easing of nature, sexual intercourse, spitting, vomiting ; or traffic by way of buying, selling, or lending agalon.

It means the ever-blissful and Supreme Brahman Savituh. He has five faces. There Bhaskararaya speaks of Shamkaracharya as the Guru of the Gurus.

This is also the case with many verses which seem hardly in their proper place, suggesting a doubt as to the accuracy of the order in which the copying has been done. I Tcmtrabhidhanam tvith Bijanighantti andffliidra- nighantu. Vayu is not atmospheric air nor is it an effete material such as gas generated during the process of digestion. Thus from the taking of unwholesome food discharge from the penis Pramehastrangury Mutrak?

Victory be to Thee Who art gentleness itself! The universal spirit Vishvatma is Sama- vayl 2. Shiva for the ordinary man holds a deer in His hand. Rules are then given for Japa, Homa and so forth. With maturity Ojas is produced which is the eighth product Dasha. These with the arrow and bow are Her weapons.

His place as an authority on Mantrashastra is recognised by all eminent tanyra of old. From the letters of the Tara i originate the all pervading fifty Kalas which can be divided according to the five elements Bhutas. This meditation is of a typical Vaisknava quality.


By these offerings the Sadhaka realises his subtle body.

Principles Of Tantra Tantra Tattva. 1960 Ganesh Co Arthur Avalon

The seed of the female is called Mayiya and that of the male is Karmaka. Woman is Buddhi A demon who attempted to fall on and crush the infant Krishna, who with His foot killed him. Think of a beautiful garden of Kalpa trees fragrant with the scent of flowers and musical with the humming of big bees. They are shameless with passion 7. The Lord clears the spiritual vision of His worshippers and grants them spiritual knowledge. From these 44 letters issue 44 Vahni Devatas, each of whom is attended by 5 Shaktiseach of whom is attended by five handmaidenseach of whom is again attended by 16 hand- maidenseach of whom again is attended by millions upon millions of handmaidens This was a symbol of esoteric wisdom, especially to Theosophists who appropriated the legend.

The ety- mological significance of the term Shanra body which comes from the root Shrz “to wither up ” testifies to ancient know- ledge of the combustion which is taking place at every moment in the human system. Thus, sound is that by which the invisible akasha is known.