Size, px x px (mpx). Real size, m x m (m2) ft x ft (ft 2). Resolution, 81dpi. Seamless, horizontally/vertically. This collection contains different gravel textures and – as an industry first – gravel as real 3D geometry. Along with the included stone textures, this opens. Diffuse (01), %, Diffuse map. Diffuse (02), %, Diffuse map. Diffuse (03), %, Diffuse map. Diffuse (04), %, Diffuse map. Diffuse (05), %, Diffuse .

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There are inherent limitations when it comes to gravel textures. You can also, of course, combine the two. No matter how well the texture is made, how precise its normal or srroway map describes the virtual gravel surface, it still is just a two-dimensional approximation of a complex three-dimensional structure. A second color map, optimized for use with displacement mapping Bump map: This product contains different gravel textures, which were created based on 15 different gravel types and styles.

Neither would it be possible to have every pebble be its own mesh object.

Arroway Textures

Stone Textures Meant to be used with the 3D gravel meshes, this product also contains especially optimized stone textures in different styles and colors, based on 94 distinct sets. You are of course not limited to the set of stone textures included in this product.

Of course you can also use them for other arrway. The variation texture contains diffuse, bump and reflectivity maps, which are unique to each variation.

Although certainly an improvement, the illusion breaks down quickly once one gets too close. In cases where an even larger area of gravel is needed, these meshes do tile seamlessly – just as a bitmap texture would. Stone Textures Stone Textures for 3D Gravel There are 94 distinct arroway textures contained in this product disks 4 to 6plus color variations, making for a total of different styles.

Variation textures Variation Textures There are gravel textures, each consisting of the following: Although our gravel meshes have a nominal size of 2m x 2m and 4m x 4m, you are not arrowqy to this scale. The 3D gravel meshes that are contained in this product cover an area of nominally 2m x 2m and 4m x 4m. One that is widely used is displacement mapping. Since these stone textures are meant to be used aroway the 3D gravel meshes, the same requirements apply:.


Only use the layers you need Mesh Layers In addition to clusters, most gravel meshes have also been split into two layers; a top-layer and a bottom-layer, each containing roughly half of the pebbles.

Contains fine surface detail on individual stone pebbles Reflectivity map: Each individual pebble has been assigned a random material ID between 1 and 10 20 in case of gravel-base This allows you to choose the scale that fits the requirements of your 3D scene best, i.

Contains surface roughness information, describing how reflective the surface appears. Below a comparison between these two techniques, as well as our 3D gravel meshes.

stone | Arroway Textures

The displacement and normal maps are used in conjunction with the variation texture on render time. There are 94 distinct stone textures contained in this product disks 4 to 6plus color variations, making for a total of different styles.

The only stonr difficulty, is to produce the actual artoway mesh data. The base texture contributes the displacement and normal maps, which are unique to the gravel type. Since polygon counts matter less and less these days, it has now become a viable approach to render complex surfaces, such as gravel, as real 3D geometry.

With this texture collection we are attempting to close this particular gap between the imagination of the client and what you as a 3D artist can deliver.

OBJ files aeroway provided as additional download. There is more than one way in which these gravel textures can be used.

stonework | Arroway Textures

Use the 2m version where gravel is seen up close and the 4m version in cases where a larger area has to covered. We have developed a arrowayy simulation software that is capable of randomly creating different styles of pebbles, as well as scattering hundreds of thousands of them physically correct onto a specified area. Each gravel texture basically consists of two parts, the base texture and the variation texture. Hundreds of stone textures included Specifications Each stone texture has a real-world scale of 50cm x 50cm at a resolution of px x px and consists of Diffuse map, i.


Arroway Textures Fulltext search. Contains depth information, describing the basic shape of the gravel surface Normal map: Gravel Meshes As a first on the market, we offer gravel ‘textures’ in form of real 3D geometry.

Contains mask information in form of a random color assigned to every individual stoe The displacement and normal maps are used in conjunction with the variation texture on render time. This allows for the creation of custom mixtures of different stone types and colors. In cases where a greater mesh detail is needed, our gravel meshes can easily be further subdivided to produce the desired resolution.

These stone texture are meant to be used in conjunction with the 3D gravel meshes to produce a large variety of highly realistic gravel styles. Most 3D applications these days support at least basic normal mapping; many do also offer displacement mapping or similar advanced techniques.

For gravel that is farther away or seen from a shallow angle, only one of the two layers may need to be switched on, for instance. Contains surface angle information, also describing the basic shape Ambient occlusion AO map: Gravel Textures This product contains a total of gravel textures, based on 15 different gravel styles.

Comparison of different render techniques Render-Time Usage There is more than arrkway way in which these gravel textures can be used. This makes it possible to approximate the shape of a graveled area by deleting clusters outside of the area, while still being not too heavy on the viewport.

Contains basic shading information Edge map: Its role in architecture, landscaping and even interior design will let this challenge persist.