Plants short- to long-lived annuals. Culms (3)(80) cm, often highly branched above the base. Leaves cauline, glabrous; sheaths shorter than the. Common needle grass (Aristida adscensionis L.) is an annual or short-lived perennial, tufted xerophilous grass (Quattrocchi, ; Skerman et. Aristida adscensionis Linn., Sp. Pl. Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 7: ; Blatter & McCann, Bombay Grasses ; Bor, Fl. Assam

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Effect of leucaena and peanut meal supplements fed to steers grazing native pasture in sub coastal south east Queensland. Rodents of Unusual Size communitycoypudocumentaryecosystemenvironmentfilmmakerfilmmakinginvasiveinvasive speciesrodentsUSAWetlandswildlife Monday 24 September Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Treatments in Other Floras www.

Panicle up to 30 cm long, occasionally lax, usually contracted about the main branches, sometimes narrow and dense. Anais do II seminario de pesquisa agropecuaria do Piaui.

Aristida adscensionis

The only other annual three-awn in the Southwest is A. Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheroes, needs your help!

When aristiea references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Autoecology of Aristida adscendionis Linn. Distinguished by being an annual, erect three-awn grass, sometimes bunched at the base or only with a few culms branched above the base.

Culms erect, somewhat geniculately ascending, often branched from the base and lower nodes, glabrous, smooth, often purplish; nodes glabrous, smooth.


Lindsey Paretti – Blood Island AfricachimpanzeeconservationfilmIn the Fieldlab chimpsLiberiaPrimatesprimatologyrehabilitationtrue storywildlifewildlife filmAridtida Festival. It is used in ethno-medicine as a lactation stimulant for women and to prevent itch and ringworm Quattrocchi, ; Burkill, Leaf-sheaths tightly or laxly embracing the culm, more or less keeled, striate, smooth or scaberulous. Don’t need the entire report?

The panicles are condensed with appressed branches and spikelets with two awns shorter than the third sometimes only slightly so. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ligule a short-ciliate rim; auricles smooth or minutely pubescent; collar glabrous. At maturity, triple-awned spikelets and sharp seeds make the plant unpalatable Burkill, ; Skerman et al. AfricachimpanzeeconservationfilmIn the Fieldlab chimpsLiberiaPrimatesprimatologyrehabilitationtrue storywildlifewildlife filmWildscreen Festival.

Allelopathic effects of Aristida adscensionis on Rhizobium. It is found in disturbed poor soils in grassland and open bush throughout tropical Africa and even on walls Quattrocchi,Skerman et al. Rodents of Unusual Size. It grows in a tuft to heights between 5 and 80 centimeters. Aristida adscensionis grows in waste ground, along roadsides, and on degraded rangelands and dry hillsides, often in sandy soils.

Plant and animal families Plant and animal species.

FNAGould Delta World Grasses Plant: This page was last edited on 21 Marchat Presl, Aristida schaffneri E.

In other projects Wikimedia Adscfnsionis Wikispecies. Glumes unequal, 1-veined, acuminate; lower glumes mm; upper glumes mm; calluses 0. However, after the plant has dropped its seeds, the straw may be valuable fodder Burkill, Please contact me at the e-mail address given below. Annual or short-lived perennial, forming erect or sprawling tufts cm high. Provides good forage, especially aristjda summer. Go To Encyclopedia of Life Log In New Account Sitemap.


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Kyffhäuser flora – Aristida adscensionis

It forms a narrow inflorescence of spikelets, each fruit with three awns. Pakistan Family List Poaceae Aristida. It is a very important forage in dry areas, especially during periods of feed scarcity Burkill, US Forest Service, However, many of the distinctive forms are connected by intergrading forms, and for this reason no infraspecific taxa are recognized in this Catalogue pending a world-wide revision of this taxon.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is particularly true in Aristida adscensionis where the separation of perennial plants as Aristida caerulescens cannot be justified. X Close Image credit. Nutritive evaluation of some pasture plants in early and late rainy season in Mosai Southern Darfur State. Cereal and grass forages Forage plants. Aristida curvata Nees T. Entry for Aristida Adscensionis Linn.