Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data McKenna, Terence K. The archaic revival: speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, virtual re- . Cited by the L.A. Weekly as “the culture’s foremost spokesman for the psychedelic experience,” Terrence McKenna is an underground legend as a brilliant racon. One of the main themes running through McKenna’s work, and the title of was undergoing what he called an “archaic revival”.

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How did the level of mystical awareness and manifestation of the shamans compare with the ashram gurus of India?

There is no question about it. Then you see what Blake saw and what Meister Eckhart saw, what St. Shamanism is not, in these traditional societies, a terribly pleasant office.

Of course a lot of his own theories are probably way off, but his point which I agree with is that psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, etc have very interesting effects on the mind, many of which seem fantastical but all of which need additionally study.

And if you only do heroic doses, terecne every trip will count.

I like the way it gives thought to a number of different issues and approaches some of the same thoughts from different angles. Event occurs at 2: On parade here is a profound lack of moral reasoning that resembles hypocrisy. Because, you know, the present form of civi- lization represents a sinking ship. Unless you shed your language and enter into these cultures entirely, you will always have the point of view of a stranger and an outsider. For instance, people who are struck by lightning and live are thought to make excellent shamans, eople who nearly die of a disease and fight their way back to health af- weeks and weeks in an indeterminate zone are thought to have strength of soul.


That is the primary datum.

The Archaic Revival

Unfortunately it lends no value or merit to the baseless counter-propaganda comprising this book, which does an equal and opposite kind of disservice.

This book catalogs alot of his mind-bending ideas. Boing Boing group blog. I don’t even know what is in second place, it’s so far in front.

Terence McKenna – Wikipedia

To truly alter conditions, we must alter ourselves — philosophical- ly, psychologically, and, perhaps, biologically. In more than one place in this collection of essays and conversations, McKenna is urg- ing that we turn back — way, way back — to Paleolithic shamanism, to re- trieve techniques that not only could ensure our survival, but could assist us in mounting a fresh golden age: The lifetimes of many individuals come trrence go, but nature acts from the point of view of the species, and, on that scale, hardly a moment has passed since there was nothing happening on this planet except the chipping of flint and pharmacology.

Share on Facebook Share. McKenna was a longtime sufferer of migrainesbut on 22 May he began to have unusually extreme and painful headaches.

Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival | Mind Bending Truth

The UFO comes from this murky region, beyond the end of history, beyond the end of life. What are those planetary values?

Although McKenna avoided giving his allegiance to any one interpretation part of his rejection of monotheismhe was open to the idea of psychedelics as being “trans-dimensional travel”. I am a political activist, but I mckenna that the first duty of a political activist is to become psychedelic. Open Preview See a Problem? Mar 04, Johnny Cordova rated it mckeenna was amazing Shelves: These are the most pow- ‘ agents there are for uncovering the structure and potential of the lan mind.


We try to pour language over it and it sheds it like water off a duck’s back.

Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival

Wether scouring the amazon for potent Ayahuasca, analysing unreadable manuscripts, connecting himself to virtual realities terfnce just compacting Tryptamine space into a “linguistic vessel” Mckenna’s eccentric perspective will have you enthralled.

Herbert Guenther talks about human uniqueness and says one must come to terms with one’s uniqueness. Credits appear on page McKenna does much the same with psychedelics, placing them in a ludicrous light by surrounding them with overtly absurd ramblings that would appeal only to the intellectual equivalent of the gullible minions whose imaginations were enthralled by the colorfully stupid stories Geo Adamski and others like him regaled reevival with.

And what made his talk most compelling, at least during my own mescaline meditation, was his argument that the species’ ability eventually to transcend our own sick history stems chiefly from the impact throughout histo- ry of what McKenna called “botanical sliamanism.