In an evaporator handling an aqueous salt solution, the overall coefficient U (kW/ m2 deg K) is .. these. Figure shows the flow and plate arrangement of an APV falling-film plate .. MINTON, P. E.: Handbook of Evaporation Technology. This Handbook describes the many types of evaporators and operating options manufacturing capabilities of companies within the APV Group. oncentration. This handbook describes the paraflow and its operating principle, The paraflow is the original plate type heat exchanger designed by APV to provide.

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Diluting the feed means less powder for each pound of water, or put another way, less powder will be produced from the dryer, even though it is running at the same operating temperatures. A more efficient way to reduce viscosity is to increase the feed temperature.

Climbing and Falling Film Plate Evaporator

Journal of Food Engineering. This is really a nice uandbook system in excellent condition. Where the feed is very mobile, rotating devices such as spray feeds are used. Last running 3-A milk products. TL SS welded tubes 5 ft.

It also should be evaporagor that standard fan arrangements are not equally suitable for a variety of materials of different densities. Click here for Samsco brochure Minimal fouling also means that the cleaning cycles are not as frequent as with other evaporators such as plate evaporators.


Handbkok, 1 3 in. This low pressure drop is not really detrimental to collection efficiency, since higher fat products tend to be easier to collect than low fat powders.

APV Dryer Handbook

All equipment is mounted on a Evpaorator skid. In both these processes, however, gas velocities can be sufficiently high to produce product entrainment. Thus, the re-wetting section will not be emptied of powder. New strategies had been proposed by investigator to reduce the utilization of steam to improve the system of economic steam.


This complete system would make an ideal test evaporator, a pilot plant evaporation system or an evaporation system to do small quantities of highly valuable product. A considerable amount of work dvaporator been done on the development of various types of lifting flights, all designed to produce a continuous curtain of material over the cross section of the dryer shell.

R2R, Fristam centrifugal pump, model: It is equipped with a shell and tube surface condenser and a 2 stage flash cooling system This system was originally designed to concentrate dairy products to high solids. First Effect Horizontal Separator – Gallon. As a general rule, use a thinner swirl chamber to get a wider spray or a thicker swirl chamber for a narrower angle or longer spray.


Estimated water removal rate: This system was last running citrus juices and will be able egaporator run most other types of juice or liquid products.

In such cases, indirect heating hanrbook be used. Within the heat exchangers, the OD of the inner heating surface contact is approx 20 in. Such an arrangement lends itself Figure 9. The exhaust air is passed through a cyclone separator for removal and return of entrained powder to the inlet of the agglomerator.

These enjoy the advantage of obtaining elevated temperatures without the need for high pressure operation, as may be required with conventional steam heating. Nominal capacity of water removal per hour: Spin flash dryer in closed cycle arrangement Capacity can be adjusted to suit the output from the preceding process equipment which may be hard to control and slow in its response time.

Click here for Evaporator Manual Fundamentally, there are four factors involved in designing this evaporator:. Flavors, salts, sugars, HVP Hydrophobic: If left out in the open air, they absorb water and become sticky.