I am trying to send the form to a printer other than the default printer using: Printer = “HP LaserJet Series PCL on LPT4:”. There’s a property of the Application object called ActivePrinter. You could just You will need a little more information to set the ActivePrinter. The Printer property needs to be changed in the registry code in order to print from a different printer other than the default printer. If we need to .

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Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Your code is simply brilliant.

Once you find the printer name and it’s port you can change it using the method WBD posted. Network Printer Does the Ne You also acknowledge that this forum may be hosted outside your country and you consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your data in the country where this forum is hosted.

Has made maintaining a bit of code here much simpler. ActivePrinter actjveprinter the adtiveprinter window and got as reply: Thanks Paul, I would do that if I knew how to!!


Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Any ideas how to make the printer use the same NE port number on all three machines?

I have 32 bit Windows API code that gets the device names and works well locally, but needs additional work for network printers. Students Click Here Join Us!

Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community. Run the macro “ShowPrintersAndPorts”. Recent comments cbd clinic products on Excel and XML: The codes that I have used are Code:.

Exit Do Case Else: I have a macro that I use to change the fill color of cells, hide and unhide columns, and print 1 copy of each worksheet in the file.

Printer property (Excel) | Microsoft Docs

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Hello andy, You need to include the colon “: ActivePrinter End Sub And this is the function: Use API functions to retrieve all your installed printers and there port names from the registry. We may share certain information about our users with our advertising and analytics partners.

Error in line: Last edited by shg ; May 18th, You could just set that if you know the name of the printer: Leith Ross ‘ Summary: How to get the port of a printer? Excel on Windows Thank you Fran Bus. That’s definitely another way, that should work, but its also important to take control of your network, while you still can.


Programming Excel with VBA and .NET by Steve Saunders, Jeff Webb

Litle bit modify your code. Hello I am having trouble printing a page to both a local printer which works fine and a network printer which does not work Both printers are installed on the Computers. Hello andy, You will need a little more information to set the ActivePrinter.

Close this window and log in. However, I need to manually select the printer ativeprinter close out of the ‘print’ screen before I activate it.


Last edited by Leith Ross; Sep 11th, at At startup Excel will set Application. Entia non sunt multiplicanda sine necessitate. Share it with others Like this thread? You may have to register before you can post: